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Licencia Federativa 2018



Licencia Federativa 2018

If you would like to take part in sailing with us, you must be a fully paid-up member of the CBYA , and have a Licencia Federativa which provides insurance cover.

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Licencia Federativa Renewal 2018

If you have any queries call Rachel on 699 330 207

Your Smartphone Could Save Your Life at Sea


Your smart phone can now save your life and spare you from your worst nightmare at sea!

Take a look at the latest OLAS device which can:

  •     Ensure all crew members are present

  •     Significantly increase the chance of self-rescue in a Man Overboard emergency

  •     Clearly and concisely transfer relevant information to the coast guard

  •     Monitor live navigation data whilst cruising or racing

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First Aid at Sea


Dr Ron Shanson has given a couple of presentations to the CBYA regarding first aid at sea.

Please click HERE to download his most useful guideline notes.

The Committee

July 2017

What can the RYA do for you?


The CBYA is affiliated to the RYA. You can access their website by clicking HERE.

You can view many of their videos and subscribe to their newsletter by clicking HERE.

By registering on their website you will have access to a wealth of useful sailing information.

Another benefit of your CBYA membership!

The Committee

July 2017


RYA Dinghy/Yacht Training Checklist


A useful checklist for training – to view click HERE.

How to Reef when Sailing Downwind


Here is a useful tip from Sailing Today!

How to reef while sailing downwind

Do You Know Your Sailing Flags?


Do You Know Your Sailing Flags?

Maybe not? Well here is a good place to start if you are a regular race crew.

Left click over flags to open to see clearly or right click to save the file. There are 2 separate flag file pages below.


The Committee

December 2016

Latest ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing Now Available



Every four years, the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) updates the Racing Rules of Sailing. Currently we are racing under the 2013-16 rules, but after 1st January 2017  we will be racing under the 2017-20 rules.

You can download a pdf file of the RRS 2017-20 at

Why not take a look and make sure that you are familiar with the rules?

The Committee

December 2016

Why Not Register as an ISAF Sailor?


Why Not Register as an ISAF Sailor?

The ISAF Sailor Classification Code exists as a service to provide events and classes with an international system of classification for sailors.

You can easily register HERE on the World Sailing website and then, once you are registered, you can apply for the ISAF Sailor Classification Code which documents your sailing cruising and racing qualifications and experience. This can then be accessed by yacht owners, and sailing event organisers, who are looking for racing and/or cruising crew.

More information can be found on the World Sailing website by clicking HERE

The Committee

December 2016

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5-clubs Regattas – So, What’s That…

  1. Summary

The 5-Clubs Regattas take place on the Costa Blanca, organised as the name indicates, by five local sailing clubs – Club Náutico Villajoyosa, Club Náutico Campomanes, Club Náutico Altea, Real Club Náutico Calpe and Club Náutico Moraira (the latter only in the spring series). Races are split into a “Spring” series (January to April), and an “Autumn” series (September to December).

The CBYA would like to increase our participation in this special event and wishes to encourage boat owners and members to enter. As such, the CBYA will support boat owners in preparing, and renewing, rating documents, and by providing competent crew. In addition, participating clubs provide free moorings for participants for the days before/after each regatta.


  • General rules and regulations 

The CBYA competes in all of the 5 Clubs series of regattas.

These races are run under the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS 2013-2016), the pre-registration of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, the Technical Regulations 2010 and annexes, and the Security Regulation ORC ISAF. These regulations ensure that yachts are equipped with the required equipment (e.g. communication, safety equipment), that skippers are competent, and that they have the requisite insurance cover for yacht and crew. For more details see the typical
5-Clubs Regatta organising club invitation as published on the CBYA website.

All yachts taking part must be minimum length of 9 metres and require a rating certificate.
To ensure interest in the races, three categories within the races have been created – ORC-A, ORC-B, and ORC-C. These depend on the individual rating of each yacht, which is used for the handicapping system. CBYA members’ yachts ratings are sponsored by the Association. Trophies are awarded in each class. This classification ensures that ORC-C yachts can compete amongst themselves, whilst in ORC-A and ORC-B, the 2 classes of cruisers are combined to compete fairly at a different level. As the races recognise three different classes, it is an opportunity for racing yachts, as well as for family/cruising yachts, to participate. This means racing crews, and also less experienced sailing crews and friends, can benefit from a day of competition and sailing along our beautiful coast. They can also enjoy a breakfast or lunch (as provided by each club on the day of the regatta) to socialise with the other crews.


  • Registration  

If the skipper has all the correct papers he could register the yacht and ask for a berth on-line. Documents requested are:

  • Licencia Federativa
  • Rating
  • Registered sail number; British or Spanish
  • If possible sail number on the main

Inscription on line:

The skipper can register on line by opening the concerned link of the organizing club. You find links to participating clubs on the CBYA webpage; see link below in No.8.

On the same the skipper can arrange the day of entry and departure to the concerned harbour, what means to ask on-line for a berth.

To register on line the skipper is asked to show in the document crew names and licence numbers (LF). Rating number, name of boat, sail number etc.


  • Support by CBYA 

To encourage CBYA yacht owners and crews the CBYA supports participation with some significant assistance:


  • CBYA members’ yachts ratings are sponsored by the Association by the CBYA paying for the first rating, and also subsequent annual rating renewals. 
  • To encourage and support members in entering their yachts, the CBYA sends a timely newsletter to inform race day details, and the procedures for entering. This includes advice and support for the skipper in completing and submitting all requested paperwork –on request
  • The CBYA has a many interested and experienced members who would like to sail in these regattas, and who are willing to make a contribution towards members´ yacht running expenses. However, there is no restriction to CBYA yacht-owning members from providing some of their own non-CBYA crew, in addition to CBYA members.


  • A pleasure to race and socialise 

All yachts have a rating on which their handicap is based. This means that in some cases yachts that cross the finish line after you can still win.

The 5 Clubs regatta comprised a long Olympic Triangular Course where ORC-A & ORC-B yachts have to sail a triangular course, followed by two “bastones” – windward-leeward courses. The ORC-C yachts sail the same course but only complete one “baston”.

Knowing that sailors are always – especially when sailing – thirsty and hungry the organising club prepares a lunch for all participating crew, except for CN Campomanes, which offers a Spanish-English breakfast. These social events are a great way to meet with other crews in a friendly, yet competitive, atmosphere. Overall these regattas are great fun. The sailing is generally easy, and relatively inexperienced sailors can take part.

We would like to see more CBYA member-owned yachts participating in the future in order to allow more of our interested members the opportunity to sail.


  • Insurance 

If you would like to take part you must be a fully paid-up member of the CBYA and have an annually renewable card called a Licencia Federativa which provides insurance cover. These are available from any Club Náutico. See more details at


  • Some abbreviations 

ISAF – International Sailing Federation

RRS – Racing Rules of Sailing

ORC – Offshore racing Congress


  • Web-links

Inscription pdf form. inscripcion_5_clubs