Let’s hear it for our TOMs Organisers!


The image above shows, Al Mason, our current TOMs Organiser.

He took over from Amanda Topson at the end of last year. Prior to that Nikki Dwyer and David Crabb were in charge.  Many thanks to Al for volunteering for the role and performing it so well!

We plan to set up a rota to handle the TOMs organisation for the rest of this year and are looking for volunteers to be added to the list. Please assist, it is not an onerous task! If you are willing to help out, please contact Amanda by clicking HERE.

For those that don’t know, the CBYA TOMs Organiser is responsible for managing our day-to-day TOMs sailing. This includes the TOMs Ladder and Sail Training days. This covers:-

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Why not become an approved 2020 CBYA TOM skipper?


If you are an approved TOM skipper you can sail TOM sailing yachts at the Real Club Náutico de Calpe, and take responsibility to act as skipper.

To become approved:-

  1. You must be a paid-up member of the CBYA
  2. You must hold a valid Licensia Federativa ( see
  3. You must be approved as a potential skipper by the CBYA Training Officer
  4. You must be tested and approved by RCNC

Approved skippers can skipper TOMs on CBYA sail training days and the TOMs Ladder series if assigned by the organiser. read more →

Another CBYA TOMs Skipper


The CBYA has a new RCNC-approved TOMs skipper.

Dave Reid finally took his test with Antonio (RCNC Sailing Director) on Saturday 1 February….and passed!

Many thanks to Richard Evett for helping out as crew during the test.

Well done Dave! We look forward to presenting you with your CBYA TOMs skipper pennant.

Amanda Topson

TOMs Co-ordinator

TOMs “Ladder” Competition


TOMs “Ladder” Competition – collect points to win prizes!

We are starting a new TOMs Ladder program for 2020.  The Ladder has been introduced to increase participation, improve skills, encourage everyone to have the opportunity to skipper (not just the approved CBYA skippers), include different levels of experience, and encourage team work. But mainly – participation should be FUN! 

We use white sails only, with a crew of 4-5.

Special 2020 Ladder Racing Rules can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Every crew member will accumulate individual points during each event, and you will sail with different crew each time.

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The 2020 Licensia Federativa


The CBYA facilitates renewal of your Licensia Federativa at the start of each year.

Full details of the 2020 Licensia Federativa can be viewed by clicking HERE.

If anyone has any questions please contact Rachel Garnham by sending an e-mail to

The Committee

January 2020


Dolphins on First 2020 TOM Sailing Day!


First time out on a TOM this year with Keith, Dave, Elaine & Peter – and we were entertained by DOLPHINS!  Click HERE to watch what happened!

Happy New Year to all!

Monique Neyzen

TOMs Ladder Results – Autumn Series 2019


Herewith the final TOMs 2019 Autumn Series Ladder results to date – click on the Ladder Game image below:

Another close TOM Ladder racing series. The total number of participants in the Autumn Series was 34. Only six race days took place, many being being cancelled due to weather. The number of race starts was 19. With a 33% discard, this leaves 13 races to count. Nine people qualified.

Final result using the Position Score number was:

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First TOMs Class Racing – 5 Clubs Regatta Calpe – 16th Nov 2019


The CBYA has entered TOM28 yachts into the 5 Clubs Regatta at Calpe on numerous occasions in the past, but due to the unfavourable TOM28 ORC rating, we have to race in the ORC-B class, and have never been able to compete against the bigger yachts. The best results have always been achieved in very light winds conditions with flat seas – we once managed to finish 5th!

Click HERE to see video from S/Y Blade. Look out for the TOM that tacked right in front of them at the start without even looking before the tack (not a CBYA boat)!!!

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Another Great CBYA Veterans’ Regatta!


We held our 2019 CBYA Veterans’ Regatta on Thursday 3rd October at Real Club Náutico Calpe

This regatta was open to both RCNC and CBYA members, and took the form of a normal liga race day, racing on the TOMs, with three windward-leeward races round the marks. The rules required that the crews must exceed a total age of 260 years for 4 crew, or 325 years for 5 crew!! So an average of 65+ years. We did not need each crew member to be over 65 as we always mix up crews with younger and older sailors.  In 2017, a 33 year old was able to sail as he was on a boat with an 80+ year crew!

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Introducing our new CBYA TOMs Co-ordinator!


Amanda Topson has now agreed to take over the role of TOMs Co-ordinator from Rachel Garnham. This is the position formally handled by Jenny Rawle, and which has been has been handled by Rachel since Jenny went off sailing all over the world! Amanda is taking this on in addition to her work as the CBYA Public Relations Co-ordinator. MANY THANKS AMANDA!!!

We are looking for a TOMs Organiser to take over from Chris de Boer. Amanda will temporarily handle this activity until we can find a replacement. Thanks Chris for filling this role over the last few months.

The TOMs Co-ordinator is a normally member of the CBYA committee, and has full voting rights in Committee meetings. Co-opted Committee members are normally confirmed at the next Annual General Meeting.

In this position she will oversee all CBYA TOMs sailing. Specifically this includes:-

    • Selecting and training CBYA members to be the TOMs Organiser, and run the weekly TOMs sailing.

    • Preparing and scheduling weekly email newsletter invitations for TOMs sailing for the following month. Composing a series of invites, usually one a week for 3 weeks prior.

    • Overseeing email answering role for the weekly TOMs sail training, and taking over if needed.

    • Planning the annual CBYA TOMs sailing events at the beginning of each year, in conjunction with RCNC, and when available, populating the CBYA calendar with 5 Clubs, TOMs training, RCNC liga, and special event dates.

    • Helping to plan special CBYA TOMs events together with the Chairman, Special TOMs Event Organiser, and RCNC (e.g., TOMs Coastal Cruise & Raft-up, Veterans Regatta, CBYA Challenge, CBYA Regatta, etc.), and populating the CBYA calendar when decided.

    • Overseeing the TOMs Ladder event with help from the TOMs Organiser and others.

    • Liaising with the TOMs Organiser for RCNC Liga crew invitations and crew selection.

    • Checking with TOMs skippers regarding any problems with the TOMs, and sending this information to RCNC.

    • Overseeing the training of new CBYA TOMs skippers in preparation for testing by Rachel and RCNC.

    • Supplying CBYA burgees to crew once they have passed RCNC skipper assessment.

If you would like to volunteer to help out as TOMs Organiser please contact Amanda, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Hugh Epsom