The 2019 Licensia Federativa


The CBYA facilitates renewal of your Licensia Federativa at the start of each year.

Full details of the 2019 Licensia Federativa can be viewed by clicking HERE.

If anyone has any questions please contact Rachel Garnham by sending an e-mail to

The Committee


Why Not Brush Up on Your Spanish Sailing Terms?


Why not brush up on your Spanish sailing terms – they could be useful!

Click HERE for details.


Training Officer

TOMs Ladder Results – Spring/Summer Series 2019 – Winners


Last Thursday 6 June saw the last race of the TOMs Ladder Spring/Summer Series.

The series saw a total of 35 participants.

Eight racing days were held, with a total of 29 races completed.

With 66% of races to qualify, only two participants made the cut:

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Crewing a TOM in the 5 Clubs Regatta Calpe on Sunday 19 May


The Rumbo Solidario and 5 Clubs Regatta took place at the Real Club Náutico Calpe (RCNC) on Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 May 2019.

Due to the shortage of CBYA member-owned yachts, and CBYA crew positions, we again entered a TOM 28 in the 5 Clubs Regatta on the Sunday. The crew comprised Paul Smithard, Andy Symons, Mike Cross and “yours truly” on the helm.

The TOM 28 rating puts us in ORC-B, which means that we have to sail the longer 16 km course down to the Albir fish-farm, back up to Calpe bay, then out to sea before rounding the final mark and returning to the finish line.

Jim Mack crewed on another TOM 28 entered by Angie Roper for RCNC. We decided that, since our rating was unlikely to allow us to get a podium result, we would concentrate on racing Angie and Jim!

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TOMs Ladder Results – Spring Series 2019 – Winners


Here are the FINAL TOMs Spring Series Ladder results – click on the Ladder Game image below:

Well done to Andy, Ian & Keith!!!!

Come along and join us on the next TOMs Ladder day. See

See more TOMs Ladder details by clicking HERE.

Chris de Boer & Richard Evett

TOMs Ladder Organisers

Jim’s Bash March 2019


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣It wasn’t a string…..!!!! And you deserved it….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This is the 6th year that Jim has arranged his “Bash” with Real Club Náutico Calpe, inviting CBYA members, and RCNC club members, to join his UK sailing friends, for two days’ of racing on the TOMs. Race courses for both days were different to the norm, and were made slightly more technical by using gates.

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Valentines’ Day TOMs Ladder


Eleven (11) intrepid TOMs Ladder sailors sallied forth on Thursday 14 February – Valentines’ Day –  to do battle on the waves.

The sea state was fine, and we had plenty of wind, albeit a bit flukey.

We sailed four races in quick succession, and then retired to Dracula’s Restaurant for some interesting discussions on the subject of yacht racing rules and protests.

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Let’s hear it for our TOMs Organisers!


The image above shows Nikki Dwyer, our current TOMs Organiser.

She took over from David Crabb in October 2018 and has quickly got to grips with the job.  Many thanks to David for volunteering for the role and performing it so well!

For those that don’t know, the CBYA TOMs Organiser is responsible for managing our day-to-day TOMs sailing. This includes the TOMs Ladder and Sail Training days. This covers:-

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Another great CBYA TOMs Ladder Event!


Another fun TOMs Ladder event took place on Thursday 8th November. Eighteen CBYA members participated – sailing five TOMs.

This event is designed to encourage those requiring more TOMs race experience. We race with white sails only – no spinnakers – so the sailing is not too demanding. We now generally schedule TOMs Ladder events on Thursdays. Points are accumulated based on race results over a 6 – 8 week period, and prizes are awarded to those with the lowest total points count at the end of each series. This second 2018 TOMs Ladder is scheduled to run until the end of November. The TOMs Ladder has been well supported since its introduction earlier this year.

As normal, the organiser, Chris de Boer, drew the names of the five RCNC-approved TOMs skippers from those available on the day, and also drew the crews for each boat. Surprisingly the crew selections were reasonably balanced, even though two of the boats had four crew, as opposed to three crew only on the others, possibly allowing a slight overall weight advantage to the lighter boats.

Roger Buckle kindly agreed to bring out the RCNC inflatable, lay the course, and act as Race Officer.

The wind was light, so we enjoyed reasonably challenging race conditions.

One TOM had some difficulty getting back into the marina.

We enjoyed a spot of TOM fishing on our return after the racing, and then retired to the RCNC bar.

Note that we also run regular sail training days for those new to TOM sailing. These are currently on Saturdays, but will also be scheduled for Thursdays after the current TOMs Ladder has ended.

Why not come along and join us for future TOMs Ladder and/or TOM sail training events?

Click HERE for the final Autumn series results.

Many thanks to Chris for running another great TOMs Ladder event.




Finally – Another fun TOMs Cruise & Raft-up


In order to encourage more raft-up participation the CBYA organises TOMs longer-distance cruises and raft-ups each year. The plan being to rent all six TOMs, and to sail them to either Moraira, or Albir, for a raft-up, swim and a picnic tea/late lunch. Safety cover being provided by one (or more) powerboat(s). These cruises generally take 1 – 2 hours each way. We also encourage other CBYA member-owned yachts and motor boats to come along and join the fun.

After two failed attempts to run the event earlier in the year, either due to bad weather, or to lack of safety boats, we finally managed to get the 2018 event arranged for Thursday 25th October. Twenty CBYA members signed up for the event, including at least six RCNC-certified TOMs skippers, and two safety boats.  Safety cover was provided by Bob Hodge in his motor boat, and David Hill, of the Sea School Costa Blanca in Altea, in his yellow rib. read more →