First TOMs Bubble Sail


Al Mason and Shirley Swan have formed a TOMs sailing bubble with Peter & Tanya English. They enjoyed their first sail together on Thursday 11th March.


Seems that a good time was had by all!

We hope to see more TOMs sailing bubbles as the current health restrictions are gradually unlocked.

Amanda Topson

TOMs Coordinator

CBYA Marine Radios and Sailing Bubbles



Three (3) CBYA marine VHF radios where handed over to RCNC on Thursday 4th May, together with a usage register and instruction manual. They will be kept on charge in Antonio´s office and will be available for use by all RCNC-approved CBYA TOMs skippers when sailing the TOMs during CBYA events.

Click HERE for more details.

A training session will be arranged prior to the next TOMs Ladder, or other major CBYA TOMs event.


In order to encourage our members to return to TOMs sailing as COVID health restrictions ease, we are introducing “TOMs Bubbles”. The concept is that approved TOMs skippers put together a crew of four (4) in whose company they are comfortable to sail, in order to sign up for future sail training and events. The TOMs Organiser will then ensure that only those in the specified “bubble”  sail together on the same TOM. All other previously announced social distancing requirements will remain in effect. See future TOMs sailing invitations for more details.

Amanda Topson

TOMs Co-ordinator and Organiser


Sailing TOMs Safely


As a direct result of the increased number of  CBYA TOMs sailing accidents over the last couple of years, the CBYA Committee has decided to introduce clear rules and guidelines for all CBYA TOMs skippers and crew.  Click the link below for details:

CBYA TOMs – Safety Briefing Guidelines and Rules_October 2020

We have also prepared details of a recommended CBYA TOMs skipper kit, which we hope all active CBYA TOMs skippers will invest in.  Click the link below for details:

TOMs Skipper Kit_291020

Please help us to make the CBYA TOMs sailing activities safer, and more fun, by following these guidelines and rules.

Thank you,

Amanda Topson

CBYA TOMs Co-ordinator

Vertical Headsail Camber – critical for faster boat speed!


Understanding headsail vertical camber is the modern headsail trimmer’s main tool for getting optimum speed and power out of the sail.

Headsail horizontal camber is always spoken about regarding how the sail needs to develop the right shape; but vertical camber is also critical to the performance of the sail.

If you want to learn how to sail your yacht faster, and benefit from the latest UK Sailmakers tip, click HERE

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer



Sailing a TOM in a stiff breeze!


Dave Reid, Monique Neyzen & I took out a newly-refurbished TOM on Saturday 20th June for some sail training. We enjoyed a stiff breeze on a beautiful day!

We met up with Robert Blackwell sailing his beautiful “Noah” – a yawl-rigged (mizzen-masted) yacht.

Time for the CBYA Friend’s of the TOMs (FOTS) to start sailing again!

Hugh Epsom

June 2020


The TOMs Girls!


The first official post-Lockdown TOMs sail training opportunity on Thursday 18 June was enjoyed by some of the CBYA sailing girl members, with beautiful sailing conditions!

The lucky crew were:  Rachel Garnham (Skipper)/Monique Neyzen/Cristina Casas/Karin Wilder

The new RCNC advance registration and payment system seems to work well.

So come along and join us in enjoying getting out on the water on the newly-refurbished TOMs!

Amanda Topson

Current TOMs Organiser

19 June 2020

First “De-Lock-Down” TOMs Sail


Rachel Garnham, Dave Reid, Chris de Boer & Hugh Epsom had the pleasure of taking out one of the newly-refurbished TOMs on Saturday 13th June, in order to check them out, and to try out the new RCNC social-distancing booking system. I am happy to advise that they have reported that the TOM 28 that they sailed was in excellent condition, and that the only downside was that we have to continue using the old sails! RCNC have budgeted for new sails in 2021.

The new booking system works well, and the RCNC restaurant is open on the boardwalk, with full social-distancing measures in place. Facemasks must be worn at the Club, but not when seated at a table at the restaurant. See RCNC social-distancing requirements below.

You must also register on-line upon arriving at, and leaving, RCNC. Click HERE to access the form.

Since the Comunidad de Valencia is moving to Phase 3 on Monday 15th June, we have decided to restart the TOMs sailing on Thursday 18th June, by which time we hope that FOUR (4) refurbished TOMs will be available to sail.

Look out for the invitation!

Amanda Topson

TOMS Co-ordinator


TOMs Refurbishment Update


Good news! Two TOM 28 yachts have been refurbished and are ready to sail!

The hulls have been totally repaired and repainted, and they look great. The yachts now have all new lines, repaired/replaced fittings, and reset rigging. They still plan to fit some anti-slip coating, and the new TOM number decals.

We understand that two more TOMs should be fully refurbished by the end of next week, with the final two being completed next month.

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How About Another Racing Rules Quiz?


If you think that you know your sailing racing rules, click HERE to complete another short quiz courtesy of UK Sailmakers.

Have Fun!

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer

Second CBYA Lock-Down Virtual Regatta!


Our second CBYA e-Regatta took place on Saturday 25th April 2020, with more yachts participating than last week.

After a couple of practice races, we sailed the best of three races, with a windward-leeward course, on A70 yachts, and nine (9) yachts raced. The skippers were John Allison (Jumbuck), Dave Reid (Arnie 2), Rachel Garnham (Freedom 9), Suso del Toro (SudoDelt) , Barry McCrae (Blade 1), Chris De Boer (CDB 2020), Floris Kreis (FloWw), Samir Chami (Jemila), and Hugh Epsom (CBYA).

Here are the results:

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