New Range of CBYA Merchandise Now Available!


Those that ordered the new CBYA merchandise have now taken delivery, and confirm that the quality is excellent!!

Our new merchandise supplier is willing to brand their range of merchandise with the CBYA logo, and sell to CBYA members at a special, discounted price. They will accept our orders, and ship in economic batches, which means that the CBYA does not have to hold stock.

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With a Little Bit of Luck……


…… will be able to book your seats when booking opens on Thursday 7th February!

CBYA members who would like to attend in a group should try to book for Friday 29th March.

Don’t miss it!

The Social Team

What to do if you capsize on a Laser



Generally you can feel when the boat is going to capsize. If you can sense it early enough, you may have time to quickly ease the mainsheet, and scramble over the side, placing your weight on the centerboard just as it reaches the horizontal position (be careful not to fall into the sail, as you may tear a hole in it, or worse off, hurt yourself).

Don’t put all your weight on the end of the centerboard, as this may cause unnecessary stress on the fin and hull. Rather, put your feet on the centerboard close to the hull, grab the deck where it meets the hull, and lean back. As long as the mainsheet is eased, it should pop back up fairly quickly. When it does, quickly get back into the cockpit, sort out the ropes and tiller, get your bearings, and head off once again.

If you would like more information, click HERE.

Bob Gordon

Dinghy Co-ordinator

Remember to look at the CBYA Deals and For Sale Page!


Special Offers & Deals!

Paid-up CBYA members can advertise free of charge on the Deals and For Sale page. If you want to place an advert, send text and photograph to

The CBYA regularly posts interesting offers – please check it out now – you may see something interesting!


CBYA Committee

January 2019


Don’t forget to get CBYA-branded!


The CBYA presents CBYA pennants to all members who are boat-owners, or certified skippers. The latter includes CBYA members who are approved by RCNC to skipper TOM 28 yachts. If you think that you qualify, and don’t yet have your pennant, please click HERE.

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An Exciting Day on the Water


Dinghy Day – Tuesday 8th January 2019

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, there was a gentle breeze and all was true. Although a little chilly, conditions were perfect.

Dave Peachey turned up with a new inflatable dinghy and new outboard, which he had apparently purchased 5 years ago, but never used. After some initial problems with the outboard bracket, all was sorted out, and he brought the boat round to the El Portet dinghy hard. By that time, we had launched our ‘borrowed’ safety boat, and Paul Maudsley was out on the water warming up the outboard.

After a short time of making some rigging adjustments to Wally, Richard Evett took his first trip with CBYA crew members who wanted to learn, but were not experienced sufficiently to sail on their own. He repeated this several times over the next couple of hours, and several members benefited from his experience and tuition.

We then rigged one of the Lasers and after some ‘gentle persuasion’ Dave agreed to give it a go. He went out twice and came back with a ‘big smile’ and a lot more confidence.

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Let’s hear it for our TOMs Organisers!


The image above shows Nikki Dwyer, our current TOMs Organiser.

She took over from David Crabb in October 2018 and has quickly got to grips with the job.  Many thanks to David for volunteering for the role and performing it so well!

For those that don’t know, the CBYA TOMs Organiser is responsible for managing our day-to-day TOMs sailing. This includes the TOMs Ladder and Sail Training days. This covers:-

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Introducing the Karlheinz Trophy


The Karlheinz Trophy was very kindly presented by CBYA member John Allison, in memory of our former Boating Officer, Karlheinz Witte, who tragically died last year.  Click HERE for more details.

The Committee has decided that this trophy should be awarded to the CBYA member who has achieved the most ON THE WATER in whatever boat (or boats), for the benefit of CBYA members, during the previous twelve months. The achievement could be related to racing, cruising, raft-ups and/or overseas cruising.

If you would like to nominate someone who you feel is a deserving recipient of this award, please contact me by latest Monday 14th January. You can click HERE to send me a CONFIDENTIAL nomination by e-mail. The committee will then pick from the list of nominees put forward prior to the CBYA Awards Dinner on Monday 21st January.

Many thanks,

Hugh Epsom


January 2019

Dinghies on the First Day of 2019


15+ CBYA dinghy sailors braved the traffic and crowds to gather at El Portet beach on New Year’s Day to sail our dinghies. The special fee for those sailing was a bottle of cava! They weather was ideal – sunny, warm and light breezes. We launched the 420, a Laser and a safety boat, and a good time was had by all.

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Time to purchase your 2019 Licensia Federativa


The CBYA facilitates renewal of your Licensia Federativa at the start of each year. If you have previously held a Licensia Federativa issued via Real Club Náutico Calpe, you will shortly receive a CBYA invitation to renew.

Full details of the 2019 Licensia Federativa can be viewed by clicking HERE.

If anyone has any questions please contact Rachel Garnham by sending an e-mail to

28th December 2018

Yacht Ownership Share Opportunity


Dr.Ron Shanson believes that he has sold his S/Y Feels Great, and is now looking for two other CBYA members who may be interested in buying a share of a much smaller yacht to put in his berth at the Real Club Náutico de Dénia. He would like to find two partners who would each cover a third of the purchase price, as well as a the third of running costs.

He is currently considering a 38 ft OY Fiskas Finnsailer (40 years old), which is presently in Greece, for which the owners are asking EUR 29,000. The yacht has had one owner from new, and is in amazing “new like condition”! This yacht might sell for EUR 23,000 (about EUR 8,500 each). See image above.

He is also looking at a Gib’ sea 96 (32ft), which is presently in Denia, for which they are asking EUR 23,000. This yacht might sell for EUR 18,000 (about EUR 6,000 each). See image below.

If anyone is interested in discussing this opportunity in more detail, please contact Dr. Ron on 677 146 633.