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Renew or Purchase Your Licensia Federativa Now!

As previously announced, the CBYA Committee strongly recommends that, as from 1st January 2021, all sailing members should purchase their own insurance which will not only cover them for any CBYA sailing activities but sailing globally*. The Valencian Community Sailing Federation’s licence is not just for racing and the TOMs, but INCLUDES cover for Dinghy Day and Hobie Cat sailors, as well as for those that join the monthly CBYA day charters, and our annual CBYA charter holiday trips. *Civil Liability limited to European Community. Sailing outside of Spanish waters requires a Sailing Federation endorsed certificate; a paper exercise, which is […]

CBYA 2021 Membership Renewals

The Committee has decided that, due to restrictions on our normal sailing and social activities caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to retain our current membership levels, 2021 CBYA membership renewals that are due early next year will be deferred for five (5) months until 1st June 2021. New membership applications will be invoiced as normal at the time of application. In addition, our 2021 AGM will be postponed to Thursday 13th May 2021. Hopefully by that time, most of us will have had our vaccinations, and the situation will have started to improve. Merry Christmas and […]

SomVela Licensia Federativa Cover for All CBYA Sailors

The CBYA Committee strongly recommends that, as from 1st January 2021, all sailing members should purchase their own insurance which will cover them for any CBYA sailing activities. This includes dinghy and Hobie Cat sailors, as well as those that join the monthly CBYA day charters and annual CBYA charter holiday trips. The SomVela Licencia Federativa, Deportista or Carnet Deportivo, depending on whether they race or not, provides this cover, and sailing members who sail the TOMs all have to have this insurance, as do all the TOMs skippers. Click HERE for 2020 cost details. The cost details for 2021 […]

The New CBYA Social Team!

From left to right: Julie Benneworth, Social Secretary Peter English, Claire Guest After almost three (3) years in the role, Sabine Olbrich has decided to step down. She has been replaced by new member, Claire Guest. Gracias Sabine, for all of your past help, and many thanks Claire, for agreeing to join the team! These two ladies help the CBYA Social Secretary in planning and running CBYA social events. Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy more fun CBYA social events next year! Many thanks ladies – for your help and support! The CBYA Committee August 2020

Don’t Forget to Look at the CBYA Deals and For Sale Page!

Special Offers & Deals! Paid-up CBYA members can advertise free of charge on the Deals and For Sale page. If you want to place an advert, send text and photograph to The CBYA regularly posts interesting offers – please check it out now – you may see something interesting! Click CBYA Committee August 2020

We have a CBYA Assistant Treasurer!

I am delighted to announce that we now have an Assistant CBYA Treasurer, who has agreed to come on board and help reduce the load on our long-time Treasurer, Sue Bell. Our Assistant Treasurer is CBYA member, Sally Clayton, and she will be supported by CBYA member, Samir Chami (an accountant) on an ad-hoc basis. Many thanks to both Sally & Samir for stepping up to help! Hugh Epsom Chairman

Why not join the Members-Only CBYA Facebook Page!

The CBYA has now deleted our Community facebook page. However we still have an active Closed Group page called the CBYA Costa Blanca Yacht Assoc Facebook page. We currently have seventy (70) members with access to our Facebook page, however we would like to have more of our members join the Closed Group page so that they can benefit from this added news source of our activities. Find us at All paid-up 2020 CBYA members can apply to join the group. Members-only information will be posted on this page. Please go to the CBYA members-only Facebook page to join […]

Face Masks Now Mandatory Whenever in Public Places

The Minister of Public Health for the Comunidad de Valencia, Ana Barceló, announced last week that, due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, the use of face masks is now mandatory throughout the Valencian Community for people over six years old, even if the safety distance of one and a half meters can be maintained. The wearing of masks is required in all areas, except beaches, swimming pools and natural areas, and will apply to everyone except children under 6 years of age, or people with respiratory problems. Barceló clarified that surgical and hygienic ones must be used, and that […]

Transferwise and/or Currency Cloud Payments to the CBYA

AN IMPORTANT REQUEST FROM THE CBYA TREASURER! When making payment to the CBYA using Transferwise and/or Currency Cloud payments, PLEASE: If possible, add a clear payment reference stating your Family Name and Reason for Payment , AND… Send a follow up e-mail to me at to confirm payment made and providing details. It is essential that you send the confirmation e-mail. This is extremely important as we still have a payment of €27 via Currency Cloud that cannot be allocated to any person. Thanks for your co-operation. Sue Bell Treasurer

Introducing the CBYA Roll of Honour!

During the early days of the CBYA, some of our founding members donated a number of Founders Cups to be presented to our members annually for  best achievement in various categories. We have now uploaded a Roll of Honour to the Trophy Room page on our website to allow us to maintain a full record of all awards. To view, click HERE, and scroll to the bottom of the page.