Costa Blanca, Spain

fun sailing from LES BASSETES

Sailing every Friday from June to September.

Perfect for learning & practice

Learn how a Hobie Cat differs from a dinghy!

Up to four cats available

At special discounted CBYA rates


Want to improve your catamaran sailing? Or experience the fun of a light, fast accelerating cat for the 1st time? Not afraid to get wet? Want to go out on a wire? See if you can fly a hull?

Join us Friday afternoon at 2.30 or 3 pm from June to September when we sail Hobie Getaways at Les Bassetes Bay, Benissa (near Calpe). The cats are rigged and ready to go. Experienced sailors act as skippers and take 2 or 3 crew out for 2 hours of fun. We have a drink afterwards at the Coral Beach terrace with a view of the Peñón de Ifach.


SAILING hobie cats

Hobie Cats provide a whole different experience! 

About the boatS

The CBYA rents from Las Antipodas Watersports at Les Bassetes. They provide:


The Hobie Getaway 17 is a fast, stable and safe catamaran. It is ideal for the Mediterranean soft thermal breezes; at the softest breath of wind the Getaway flies! The boat is officially approved for 6 people but sails as if only 3 were on board! With only 2 or 3 people it is superfast!

The ‘Getaway’s’ little brother is the Hobie Wave, an exciting, great fun 13 foot Ideal for 2/3 people.

This is  wet sailing so a change of clothes would be wise! Also sun glasses, sun cream, hat, sailing gloves, etc.

Buoyancy jackets are available on loan, but better to bring your own if you have one.

The CBYA Committee strongly recommends that, as from 1st January 2021, all sailing members should purchase their own insurance which will cover them for any CBYA sailing activities. This includes dinghy and Hobie Cat sailors, as well as those that join the monthly CBYA day charters and annual CBYA charter holiday trips.


Our members have access to different sailing events every week.


29 May: CBYA Hobie Cat Sailing Starting Again – Join Us!

What’s different about catamaran sailing? You have two hulls on a Hobie Getaway, no keel nor centre board. You sit on a trampoline, balance the boat with your own weight by hiking out, or by using a trapeze. The boat…

14 Sep: Last CBYA 2020 Hobie Cat Sailing Session

The last Hobie Cat sailing event, before Las Antipodas Watersports shuts down at the end of this season, will be on Friday 18th September from 1500 – 1700 hours. We have two skippers and two cats sailing. Still a couple…

23 Aug: Hobie Cat Sailing with the CBYA

Weather permitting, the CBYA organises Hobie Cat sailing every Wednesday evening during the summer months of July & August from Las Antipodas Watersports at Les Bassetes. Here are a few photographs taken on Wednesday 19th August, when we had ten…

20 Jul: Water Sports day – Another Bit Of CBYA History!

As part of our Crystal Jubilee celebrations, we are sharing some CBYA history. Here is an interesting write-up of our first ever CBYA Water Sports Day in Autumn 2005!

19 Jul: Sailing Hobie Cats with the CBYA

CBYA Hobie Cat summer sailing starts again on Wednesday 22nd July at Las Antipodas at Les Basetes. Meet at 4 pm for 2 hours sailing . Cost is €25 each. Numbers are limited: 1st come, 1st served. So sign up…

09 Jul: NEW: Enjoy Regular CBYA Hobie Cat Sailing This Summer

NEW: Enjoy CBYA Hobie Cat sailing this summer every Tuesday afternoon!! Hobie Cats are fast, responsive boats, – a real joy for sport-loving sailors. Click HERE for a taster!!! Since we are unable to sail the CBYA dinghies at El…