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Costa Blanca, Spain

The CBYA Hobie cat sailing events are scheduled to start on Friday 7th July this year, and will continue every Friday until the end of August.

In preparation for this year’s Hobie sailing, Monique Neyzen organised a Hobie Cat skipper briefing, refresher and update training session on Friday 24th July for three of the CBYA members who have volunteered to skipper this year, – namely Karen Gardner, Enrico Ottolini, and Hugh Epsom. It was a very useful exercise to ensure that we are all up to date with the correct sailing and safety procedures, which includes man overboard recovery (see middle image below). Monique plans to run a second skipper briefing, refresher and update training on Thursday 29th July for other skipper volunteers. Here are some images from the first skipper sailing session:

Click HERE for the CBYA Hobie Cat briefing and safety notes.

Make sure that you sign up quickly when you receive the first invitation on 1st July as places are limited!

John Mackney

Chairman and Hobie Cat Coordinator

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