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Costa Blanca, Spain

The CBYA’s gallant leader, John Mackney, organised a cruise on a 5-cabin gület in Turkey from 10th-17th June. Hugh was pleased to share his birthday with friends in this way!

We set ‘sail’ from Göcek – except we quickly realised that we wouldn’t be sailing, as we only had a genoa with one sheet, and no mainsails… hmm, misleading advertising!
Oh well, we cruised gently from one pretty bay to the next cove, mooring stern to the land with ropes securely attached to rocks. Raising the anchor was sometimes problematic, but they eventually managed it. Watching others disentangling their chains was often entertaining.

There was a crew of four: skipper Ismail – charismatic, calm – aided by Mehmet, Chenk and the excellent chef who produced tasty, healthy meals. We didn’t dare weigh ourselves for at least a week after our return! However, one minor issue… they barely spoke any English: Google Translate to the rescue.

We cruised around 12 islands (a small part of the circa 800 square kms of Göcek Bay), pootling between scenic spots, going ashore a couple of times, watching sure-footed goats, hens with chicks and even a family of wild boar with babies, and swimming (apart from those who wouldn’t venture in as less than 28C).

Evening entertainment comprised a few quizzes with copious amounts of alcohol consumed by some, but we still didn’t drink all the stock we’d purchased. Must try harder!
Thunder rumbled at times, but passed us by, though it was breezy a couple days.

As we returned to Göcek, we saw several huge, Russian oligarch ‘yachts’, one certainly belonging to Abramovich.
Many thanks to John and brave Saira (who doesn’t swim!) for organising the holiday.

Gillian Ashworth

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