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Vertical Headsail Camber – critical for faster boat speed!

Understanding headsail vertical camber is the modern headsail trimmer’s main tool for getting optimum

How About Another Racing Rules Quiz?

If you think that you know your sailing racing rules, click HERE to complete

The Ocean Race: Ian Walker on the 2021-22 edition route

During his career Ian Walker has competed at the very highest level in international

The Stretch-and-Blow Spinnaker Drop

Good time to brush up your sailing skills whilst we are all in CV

Feeling Bored? Watch the First Whitbread Round-the-World Race!

If you are locked down and wondering what to do next, why not watch

Celestial Navigation Made Easy!

We successfully completed the first of our current CBYA Celestial Navigation courses this week.

RYA Sailing Legends – Ian Walker

“I’ve sailed round-the-world, around the harbour and I’m still enjoying sailing today“ – Ian

What can the RYA do for you?

The CBYA is affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association. You can access their website

RYA Sailing Legends – Sam Davies

“We’re not invincible, and this race is dangerous“ – Sam Davies – Vendee Globe

World Sailing Show – February 2020

Catch up with what has been happening in the sailing world by clicking HERE.

The 2020 Licensia Federativa

The CBYA facilitates renewal of your Licensia Federativa at the start of each year.

Celestial Navigation, the Easy Way!

Celestial Navigation, the Easy Way! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you

PLEASE Don’t Forget the CBYA Library!

Don’t forget that the CBYA has a library of nautical books that are available

Ìnterested in a Good Deal?

Ìnterested in a good sailing book deal? Well you can either visit the CBYA

RYA Sailing Legends – Pip Hare

“Fewer than 100 sailors have ever finished the Vendee Globe” – Pip Hare’s Inspiring

Marine Radio Distress Relay Protocol

Marine radio distress relay protocol RYA has issued new guidance for marine radio users.

Why Not Brush Up on Your Spanish Sailing Terms?

Why not brush up on your Spanish sailing terms – they could be useful!

CBYA Visit to the Isle of Wight 27th June – 1st July 2019

Julie Benneworth mooted the idea of this excursion and, together with CBYA Vice-Chairman Neil

Another excellent evening at the Abordo Restaurant!

CBYA members & guests enjoyed another excellent social event at the Abordo (formerly Nau

How to Leech Flake a Sail

For those that don’t know, this is how you do it! Click HERE to

Take time and care over a potentially life-saving purchase!

Don’t pay the ultimate price for buying cheap! The RYA report that a good

Carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in the UK from April 2019

Act now, as carbon monoxide alarms become mandatory in the UK in April 2019!

BREXIT for Boats

Not long to go now to the BREXIT deadline of 29th March 2019! If

Introducing the CBYA Library!

Did you know that the CBYA has a library of nautical books that are

Don’t Forget the Useful CBYA Nautical Information!!

Many people forget that the CBYA website has a load of useful information on

Your Smartphone Could Save Your Life at Sea

Your smart phone can now save your life and spare you from your worst

First Aid at Sea

Dr Ron Shanson has given a couple of presentations to the CBYA regarding first

RYA Dinghy/Yacht Training Checklist

A useful checklist for training – to view click HERE.

How to Reef when Sailing Downwind

Here is a useful tip from Sailing Today! How to reef while sailing downwind

Do You Know Your Sailing Flags?

Do You Know Your Sailing Flags? Maybe not? Well here is a good place

Latest ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing Now Available

Every four years, the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) updates the Racing Rules of Sailing.

Why Not Register as an ISAF Sailor?

Why Not Register as an ISAF Sailor? The ISAF Sailor Classification Code exists as

New RCNC Web-based Sailing Bulletin Board

New RCNC Web-based Sailing Bulletin Board The Real Club Náutico de Calpe has set

Learn to Sail and Get Qualified.

You can get your RYA Qualifications. Here…

Confirm your National Sailing License!

Sailing in Spain either involves sailing: – a Spanish registered yacht as a tourist

RYA 2016 Safety Advisory Notice

See the latest 2016 edition of the RYA Safety Advisory Notice.    

Welcome Package

Welcome to the CBYA! You are now a member of one of the fastest

How to sail a Spanish registered yacht

(written by Karlheinz Witte; kindly reviewed by Jim Cooper) Sailing in Spain means to

How to Rig a TOM

(Instructions for newcomers) HOW TO RIG A TOM: Collect the main sail, jib, spinnaker,

Local Shipping Information

Click here to view local marine traffic:- Local Shipping – Costa Blanca

5 Minute Briefing  Man overboard recovery

Man Overboard recovery   Thanks to RYA What is a Chinese Gybe?  Thanks to