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Costa Blanca, Spain
37th America's Cup_Barcelona

Would you like to watch the 37th America’s Cup Racing in Barcelona with some exciting foiling AC75 monohulls? If you would, you will be pleased to know that the CBYA Social Team has arranged a room with a big screen at KAWANA Bar Restaurante to watch the 37th America’s Cup racing which is taking place in Barcelona this year.

Here is the racing schedule:
22 – 25 August
LOUIS VUITTON CUP (Challenger series)
29 Aug – 7 Oct
17 – 26 September
5 – 13 October
LOUIS VUITTON 37TH AMERICA’S CUP (Challenger v Defender series)
12 – 27 October
All racing seems to be in the afternoon. The detailed schedules will become available nearer to the date. Please note that some racing may be rescheduled depending on the weather.

In order to be able to secure the room, we need to confirm a minimum number of attendees for each race series, so need some feedback from you.

Once we have received your feedback regarding interest in the event, we will be able to go ahead and firm up the arrangements.

Please note that there will be a nominal charge of 10€ to watch the racing, regardless of how many days you attend.

The Social Team

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