Looking for a new CBYA Secretary!


Our CBYA Secretary, Ann Masson, has advised that she is planning to move to Valencia in the near future, and that she would like to step down as soon as possible, but certainly no later than the 2020 AGM, by which time she would have completed FIVE (5) years as our best-ever Secretary!

So we need to find a suitable replacement who:-

  1. Is a permanent resident.

  2. Has good spoken and written English.

  3. Is well organised.

  4. Is computer literate.

  5. Has a good attention to detail.

  6. Can speak some Spanish (not essential).

It is not an onerous task and the position can be filled by either a male of female CBYA member.

If anyone is interested in helping to further develop the CBYA by taking on this role, please send me an e-mail at

Hugh Epsom


What’s Vicky up to now?


For those CBYA members who don’t know me, I left the Costa Blanca in January 2015 to follow my dream and sail the world as crew on a variety of boats.  Hugh has asked me to share my latest adventure with you.

Captain Chris, a retired pilot, and his dear wife Pam, invited me to join them for this four-month adventure aboard their very comfortable motor cruiser, a 62ft Tollycraft. We will sail the entire inside passage from Olympia Washington to Skagway Alaska, and back (a journey of about 3000 nautical miles).

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Only a few weeks of CBYA Summer Hobies left!


Introduced for the first time this year, the weekly CBYA Summer Hobie Cat sailing has been going very well during July & August.

Now only two sessions left – Tuesday 20th & Tuesday 27th August!

If you want to see what you are missing, click HERE.

Why not come and have some fun????

Contact Amanda Topson  by clicking HERE to sign up, and be added to the Summer Hobie Cat Whatsapp group.

More details at

Monique Neyzen & Amanda Topson

The Summer Hobie Cat Organisers

RIP Peter Hooker


We are sad to advise that Peter Hooker has passed away.

Tim Fawle provided the following words in his memory…

He was an enthusiastic member during the earlier days of the CBYA, and was an active participant with the Jubilee Sailing Trust , where he did voluntary work as a carpenter on the Tenacious, constructing some fine woodwork in the dining room.

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Sunny Spray Rides Again!


After their intrepid cruise around the Atlantic during 2015 – 2017, Helma & Bob Hermans have now started to think about doing a bit of sailing again! They have now completed the mast repair on their yacht S/Y Sunny Spray, which was damaged during their Atlantic cruise, and she is almost ready to go to sea once more.

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The 2019 Licensia Federativa


The CBYA facilitates renewal of your Licensia Federativa at the start of each year.

Full details of the 2019 Licensia Federativa can be viewed by clicking HERE.

If anyone has any questions please contact Rachel Garnham by sending an e-mail to

The Committee


Royal Clipper – the world’s largest fully rigged sailing ship!



Imagine this: gentle waves lapping rhythmically against a wind-driven hull, the scent of the salty sea spray on the freshening breeze, taut sails towering majestically overhead, a pod of young dolphins dancing in the bow wave of the azure waters– all against a backdrop of some of Europe’s most breath-taking coastlines. This was the lure of what was promised to be the voyage of a lifetime for Paul and Helen Nicholls.

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Why Not Come and Sail Hobies next Tuesday?


Don’t forget that we are offering Hobie Cat sailing every Tuesday evening during July and August this year. See

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Another Great CBYA Cruising Day!


Monday 22nd July, saw us enjoying another fabulous CBYA Cruising Day, aboard the good ship TrickyD.  Great weather, great winds and great company.

Participants were Peter Steenhuis, Jane Dye, Inga Schreiner, John Beavis, Elaine Goddard-Tame, Sian & Glynne Williams, plus myself and Richard Jones (the boat owner).

Meeting at Marina de Dénia at 10am, for a quick coffee and introductions. We then boarded TrickyD, where Richard allocated jobs for everyone, and explained the Do’s and Don’ts.

We departed at 10.45am, experiencing a rather hazy sun, with clouds hugging the Montgó, when leaving Dénia port, but we soon found ourselves in good steady winds from the North, varying from 14-18 knots, with a fairly choppy sea, – waves at times reaching approximately 2 mtrs.

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Navigating the CBYA Website


Did you know that there is a wealth of information on the CBYA website?

Here are some tips to help you find lots of interesting stuff:

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