Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and ongoing state of lock-down in Spain and elsewhere, the CBYA Committee has agreed that it is not feasible to hold our Annual General Meeting, originally planned for 20th May at the Real Club Náutico Calpe.

Since the duration of the situation is uncertain and the safety of our members paramount, the Committee is making the following proposal and ask that members respond to this notice to approve these actions and to reply with any comments they wish to make.  Members are reminded that only those whose subscriptions are fully paid can approve, or otherwise, our intended course of action.


Given the extenuating circumstances, there will be no formal AGM for 2020.

Information will be made available on the website and by newsletter including

·        Member responses and comments on this proposal

·        A brief Chairman’s report on the main activities during the year

·        The audited accounts for the 2019 year

As a reminder, the Minutes of the 2019 AGM are available on the website at


The current Management Committee will remain in place for the coming year.  Ann Masson previously gave notice of stepping down, and Sue Eynstone-Hinkins put herself forward as a replacement Secretary.  The Committee have co-opted Sue to the position, and she will carry out the duties until a formal vote can take place at the next AGM.


Due to the pragmatics of managing the nominations and voting process for members to select a new choice of charities, it is proposed to continue with the current charities which are Make-A-Smile and IVSH Bomberos.


Please respond to me with your approval of the above proposal, or with any comments, by latest Monday 6 April 2020.

Ann Masson



How to Avoid CBYA Messages Being Spammed!


The CBYA Website statistics show that only about half of the CBYA newsletters are being opened!

It is possible that you are not really interested in receiving CBYA newsletters. In which case you can either edit your subscription, or totally unsubscribe, by clicking the link at the bottom of every message.

However, some or many emails sent via “bulk mailings” may be going to SPAM, and if you do not regularly check your spam folder, you may miss some important messages!

Gmail users can avoid this by following these instructions:

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Postponement of our CBYA Crystal Jubilee Celebration!


We regret to advise that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, and ongoing total lock-down in Spain, we are forced to postpone all of our social and sailing plans for our special year-long event to mark fifteen (15) years since the official formation of the COSTA BLANCA YACHT ASOCIATION –  our CRYSTAL JUBILEE!! We will instead celebrate a CRYSTAL JUBILEE PLUS ONE during 2021!

However, during this year we shall continue to look back at the CBYA history, and run a series of monthly articles in our newsletter with interviews honouring key individuals who have helped to create the current CBYA – some of whom are founder members, and some of whom have joined more recently.

So we will still celebrate the formation and continued growth of the biggest (and only) VIRTUAL yacht club on the Costa Blanca, but our celebrations will now (mostly) take place next year!

Stay safe.

Hugh Epsom



Things To Do When Locked-Down


Since we expect to be locked-down for a while, we thought that the CBYA should provide some useful tips to stop our members from getting bored! Here are the first FIVE

  1. Free streaming from The Metropolitan Opera (
  2. Free streaming from The Royal Opera House (
    The program for the Royal Opera House performances, which all start at 1900 hours GMT  and can be viewed via their Facebook or YouTube sites, is as follows.

    • 27 March – Peter and the Wolf – Ballet
    • 3 April – Acis & Galatea – Opera
    • 10 April –  Cosi Fan Tutti  – Opera
    • 17 April – The Metamorphosis – Modern Ballet 
  3. Free streaming from The Berlin Philharmonic (
  4. WORDSCAPES – a great free game in the Play Store for android or IOS, phone or tablet, but beware, it’s addictive! Tips;
    • Don’t buy any of the additional packages.
    • Daily puzzle gives you extra points for the main game.
    • Play off-line or in airplane mode and you don’t get bothered by the adverts.
  5. Free Virtual Sailing courtesy of the RYA and Virtual Regatta ( We can set up our own CBYA ‘ custom races’ if we get enough interest. Those who would like to join in with our ‘custom races’ must also create an account if they don’t already have one. You can follow a simple sailing instruction session, and then start practicing in the races and regattas that are already set up on the game. Everyone that creates an account will also be automatically be entered into the GBR National Championships! You can get more information on the  RYA eSailing page.  You will also view a guide by clicking HERE.  If you would like more information, contact Rachel Garnham by clicking HERE.

Have fun!

The Social Team

Coronavirus – CBYA Activity Shut-Down


We are entering uncharted waters….

Due the current worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and with the recent announcement of a further two-week total lock-down in Spain, the Committee has agreed that we now have to discontinue ALL of our CBYA-organised sailing and social activities until future notice.

The latest coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics can be viewed by clicking HERE.

The Emergency telephone number for suspected coronavirus cases in the Comunidad Valenciana is 900 300 555. We are requested  to call this number if you have any symptoms and think that you may be infected. We are advised NOT to go to emergencies, doctor’s surgeries, nor to hospitals, where we could transmit the virus to other people. When we call this number, they will conduct a survey, and if the results are positive, they will tell us how to proceed, and will send someone to take some tests.

If you think that you may have the symptoms, you can check by clicking HERE.

Hugh Epsom


The Stretch-and-Blow Spinnaker Drop


Good time to brush up your sailing skills whilst we are all in CV lock-down!

Do you know how to do a Stretch-and-Blow spinnaker drop?

If you don’t, click HERE to find out!

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer

March 2020



Feeling Bored? Watch the First Whitbread Round-the-World Race!


If you are locked down and wondering what to do next, why not watch the excellent, fully remastered documentary of the first Whitbread Round-the-World Race?

Like so many great adventure stories, this one started in a pub, with a conversation between the Royal Naval Sailing Association and the head of the Whitbread Brewery.

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Enjoying Coronavirus Lock-Down?


With the announcement today that our lock-down has been extended a further two weeks (click HERE), we CBYA members, locked down in our Spanish homes, are finding this an excellent opportunity to do all those things that we have been putting off for too long, such as spring cleaning the house, updating websites, getting back in touch with friends and family, catching up on sleep, etc. Those members in the UK, and elsewhere in the world, still have the ‘pleasure’ of probably experiencing a total lock-down!

If you starting to go stir-crazy,.. here are a few tips to help you survive this interesting time in our lives…

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Introducing the CBYA Coronavirus Whatsapp Groups!


In order to try to keep CBYA members updated and informed during the worldwide battle against the Coronavirus (COVID 19), we are introducing two special dedicated Whatsapp groups:

  1. CBYA COVID Info (to share useful information)

  2. CBYA COVID Quarantinees (to try to keep us entertained during our lock-down/self-isolation)

If you would like to join either/both of these groups, please contact Rachel Garnham by clicking HERE.

The Committee

March 2020

CRYSTAL JUBILEE: The Costa Blanca Boat Club


As part of our Crystal Jubilee celebrations this year, we plan to publish a little bit of CBYA history every month. This month we would like to explain the origins of the CBYA…..

As some of you may know, we began as a sailing group (a Proprietary Club) formed under the initiative of Dr Ron Shanson in 1995, who was our first Commodore. This morphed into the Costa Blanca Boat Club (CBBC) in 2002, another Proprietary Club, with Michael Arnold as the Commodore and Chairman, and Dr Ron as Honorary Commander.

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