FREE: Masthead Light and Flares


Dr Ron Shanson has kindly donated a working a Hellamarine mast head light and some (out-of-date) flares to any CBYA member who is interested.

The flares include:

  1. Two (2)Ikaros buoyant smoke signal orange (3 mins)

  2. Five (5) Ikaros hand-held rocket parachute flares red

  3. Five (5) Ikaros hand-held flares red

If interested contact Hugh Epsom by clicking HERE

Second TrickyD Ionian Cruise Report – Malta to Corfu


TrickyD has now sailed all the way from Malta via Siracusa (Sicily), across the Ionian Sea, to the Greek island of Lefkas, where we visited Sivota, Meganisi, Spartahora, Nidri, and Lefkas Town.

We then made our way to Corfu via the stunningly beautiful Lakka on Paxos Island, and a brief hop to Sivota Mortos on the Greek mainland.

NOAC sailing club and marina just next to the historic fort in Corfu Town is our backdrop, where we are surrounded by super yachts!!

Provisioning and maintenance is now happening to prepare for our homeward journey.

Click HERE for a message from the skipper.

Amanda Topson

16th September 2020

CBYA Safety Officer


I am pleased to advise that member Samir Chami has agreed to take on the new role of CBYA Safety Officer.

This function involves:

  1. Reviewing our current CBYA safety procedures for all sailing and social events

  2. Preparing updated safety guidelines

  3. Ensuring that all CBYA event organisers are fully aware of the safety requirements, and that they give full safety briefings prior to each event.

He has already prepared safety guidelines for CBYA cruiser events – click HERE for full details.

Similar guidelines will be prepared for TOMs, Dinghies & Hobie Cats.

Many thanks to Samir for assisting us in ensuring that we make safety a priority in all CBYA events.

Hugh Epsom



Marvin Creamer, a Mariner Who Sailed Like the Ancients


If you enjoyed reading about the sailing Pardeys, the story of  Professor Martin Creamer should also interest you.

No GPS for him, not even a sextant; the sun and the stars did nicely. He was the first recorded person to sail round the world without navigational instruments.

He recently died at the age of 104.

Read the New York Times article by clicking HERE.

The Committee

September 2020


Last CBYA 2020 Hobie Cat Sailing Session


The last Hobie Cat sailing event, before Las Antipodas Watersports shuts down at the end of this season, will be on Friday 18th September from 1500 – 1700 hours. We have two skippers and two cats sailing. Still a couple of places left – if you are interested contact Monique via the CBYA Hobie Cats Whatsapp group, or by clicking HERE.

Many thanks to Monique and Dominique for running the CBYA Summer Sailing this year. Also thanks to the skippers: Enrico Ottolini, Hans Sleutjes, and Hugh Epsom.

The Committee

14th September 2020

SomVela Lower Licensia Federativa Cost for Rest of 2020


SomVela have lowered the prices of all competition licenses and sports cards to € 25 until December 31, 2020. Click HERE for details.

The Committee

11th September 2020



Why did you join the CBYA?

Having owned a house in the area for 12 years and visited on a regular basis, we had decided that, with retirement from Saudi Arabia in April 2003, and permanent residence, selling up and having a new house built was a good idea!!  Retirement to a caravan on a building site was a little foolhardy, and although the end result was spectacular, we needed a life in the meantime. We had joined the Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers, but our first love was sailing. Enter Brenda Bates, out walking, who was also part of a club just setting up for owners of boats, and people interested in crewing. Thank you, Brenda!

What was a memorable first experience of the CBYA?

I think it was the passion of the founder members. Every new member was important, especially sailors, numbers at that time were probably less than 30 people. Such a small group so welcoming. Ron Shanson, Mike Arnold, John King, Martin Charman, Chris Middleton, all had boats and were generous with their time. Brenda and Diana Jarvis, great social organisers and friends. Where would the club have been without them all and their generosity, including hosting events in their homes. A close-knit family more than a Club!  More boat owners appeared, Maurice Pilkington with Maid of Moraira and John Godfrey in Calpe with Mary Poppins. A lot of fun on the water, so many stories! The addition of Richard Jones and his lovely new yacht TrickyD made the next few years particularly exciting, including for us, joining him in Corfu for two fantastic weeks, as well as all the fun racing.

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Some CBYA Yachting History….


As part of our CBYA Crystal Jubilee celebrations, we thought that you would be interested in some CBYA yachting history.

Here a couple of scans from our early newsletters…

The Committee

September 2020

FOR SALE: Hand-Built Skerry Sailing/Rowing Boat


Hand-built skerry sailing/rowing boat made from wood and epoxy resin.

Length 4.5mts, beam 1.52 mts, draft 15 – 20cm, weight 70kg.

Price includes new sails, oars and trailer.

Price 1950€

Further details from John Gilburt on 616451634

The Sailing Pardeys – an Amazing Life!


Here is a couple who lived the lifestyle they wanted – sailing around the world TWICE – without an engine!

To read their story, click HERE.

The Committee

September 2020