Looking for a new CBYA Treasurer


After more than FIVE (5) years in the job, our Treasurer, Sue Bell, would like to find a willing CBYA member to volunteer to work with her in order to learn the ropes, and hopefully, take over the role in due course.

The main duties of the treasurer are to oversee the financial administration of the organisation, review procedures and financial reporting, and advise the Management Committee on financial strategy.

These duties include:

  • Keeping up-to-date records as well as an audit trail for all transactions (for submission to an external auditor)

  • Protecting the organisation against fraud and theft, ensuring safe custody of money, and prompt banking

  • Presenting management reports at committee meetings

  • Preparing and reviewing a budget with the committee

The position requires the following attributes/skills:

  • A basic understanding of accounting

  • Good communication skills

  • Computer literacy – we use XERO accounting software.

  • The ability to speak Spanish would be useful, but is not a pre-requisite.

If you are interested, please contact Sue by clicking HERE.

Here is yet another chance to make a contribution to the on-going successful running of the CBYA!

Hugh Epsom


A Great Day Out on Tricky D!


Some of the CBYA Committee Members enjoyed a day out on the water on Tricky D on Wednesday 24th June – the lucky ones were Sue & Chris Bell, Neil Robertson and myself.

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Sailing a TOM in a stiff breeze!


Dave Reid, Monique Neyzen & I took out a newly-refurbished TOM on Saturday 20th June for some sail training. We enjoyed a stiff breeze on a beautiful day!

We met up with Robert Blackwell sailing his beautiful “Noah” – a yawl-rigged (mizzen-masted) yacht.

Time for the CBYA Friend’s of the TOMs (FOTS) to start sailing again!

Hugh Epsom

June 2020


The TOMs Girls!


The first official post-Lockdown TOMs sail training opportunity on Thursday 18 June was enjoyed by some of the CBYA sailing girl members, with beautiful sailing conditions!

The lucky crew were:  Rachel Garnham (Skipper)/Monique Neyzen/Cristina Casas/Karin Wilder

The new RCNC advance registration and payment system seems to work well.

So come along and join us in enjoying getting out on the water on the newly-refurbished TOMs!

Amanda Topson

Current TOMs Organiser

19 June 2020

First “De-Lock-Down” TOMs Sail


Rachel Garnham, Dave Reid, Chris de Boer & Hugh Epsom had the pleasure of taking out one of the newly-refurbished TOMs on Saturday 13th June, in order to check them out, and to try out the new RCNC social-distancing booking system. I am happy to advise that they have reported that the TOM 28 that they sailed was in excellent condition, and that the only downside was that we have to continue using the old sails! RCNC have budgeted for new sails in 2021.

The new booking system works well, and the RCNC restaurant is open on the boardwalk, with full social-distancing measures in place. Facemasks must be worn at the Club, but not when seated at a table at the restaurant. See RCNC social-distancing requirements below.

You must also register on-line upon arriving at, and leaving, RCNC. Click HERE to access the form.

Since the Comunidad de Valencia is moving to Phase 3 on Monday 15th June, we have decided to restart the TOMs sailing on Thursday 18th June, by which time we hope that FOUR (4) refurbished TOMs will be available to sail.

Look out for the invitation!

Amanda Topson

TOMS Co-ordinator


CBYA “De-Lock-Down” Dinghy Day – Tuesday 9th June


CBYA at it’s best. Twenty (20+) plus members took over the end of the cafe at El Portet, Moraira, nearest to our boats..and didn’t stop chatting.  I had hoped to sail, but if it wasn’t the lock-down today that stopped us.. we had jelly-fish. Not the odd one, but massive amounts of them right up to the beach. Then the sky’s threatened a thunderstorm, so I made the decision to call off sailing.

That didn’t stop the wonderful CBYA comradery, lots of booze and lots of stories! Tricky D brought some bottles of cava to celebrate his birthday!

The culmination was the amazing canoe built by Jane and her friend (sorry can’t remember his name, but he has sworn to join the CBYA) as they launched it for the first time, and several members took her out.

Those who had updated their CBYA membership details, and signed the new disclaimer, got their free drinks!

So a great afternoon, to basically celebrate the more or less, end of lockdown.

Thank you all who came, and abided by social distancing regulations,..see you all again for the next dinghy day on Tuesday 23rd June…jelly-fish permitting!

Bob Gordon

Dinghy Section Commander

Day Cruises on Tricky D!


Welcome to a new beginning, and a new sailing start, for us all!

TrickyD and I are ready to go sailing again on our wonderful Costa Blanca coast.

I am therefore offering the following dates:

  • Tuesday 23rd June

  • Wednesday 24th June

  • Thursday 25th June

Why so many dates ?  I intend having a maximum of four (4) crew on board for the moment. This will give twelve (12) crew a chance to get on the water. These will be hands-on sailing days, but no experience is necessary, as there will be an experienced skipper on board.

Depending on the sea conditions we usually head south, enjoying the beautiful coast line, and the wonderful scenery.

You will need to bring some lunch, drinks and correct sailing footwear.

Sailing will start at 1030 hours, meeting at Bar Due (near the Republic Restaurant) at Marina de Dénia, and returning at around 1700 hours.

So why not join TrickyD and I on one or more of these days? You will be made very welcome.

For further information and what to do next, please e-mail me, Richard Jones, by clicking HERE.

Happy Sailing Days!



Social Fun with the CBYA


The CBYA, and formally the CBBC, has always run some great social activities.

Here is an example of a highly-successful, past “Last Night of the Proms” party!

Maybe we should repeat the theme in 2021?

The Social Team

June 2020

Transferwise and/or Currency Cloud Payments to the CBYA



When making payment to the CBYA using Transferwise and/or Currency Cloud payments, PLEASE:

  1. If possible, add a clear payment reference stating your Family Name and Reason for Payment , AND…

  2. Send a follow up e-mail to me at to confirm payment made and providing details.

It is essential that you send the confirmation e-mail.

This is extremely important as we still have a payment of €27 via Currency Cloud that cannot be allocated to any person.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Sue Bell




As part of our CBYA Crystal Jubilee celebrations, each month we are going to hear from a member who has made a significant contribution to our club. This month we are are publishing some memories from Brenda Bates.

My first introduction to sailing was in Mombasa in the 70s, when a friend whose husband was a sea captain took me out in her dinghy in the busy harbour. We sailed between huge ships, and I learnt the meaning of ´tacking´.  Then in the 80s in Port Dickson near Kuala Lumpur, I learned about ‘capsizing´! I was in a race, out on the trapeze when my skipper turned his Laser too sharply into the gap in the reef.  Swimming no problem, but I was now underneath the sail, and had to make my way to its edge, with sharp coral under my feet..  Whew!

So in 2002, when I met Ron Shanson at a formal dinner, I was pleased to accept his suggestion to arrange social events for his group of boat-owner friends.  So the Costa Blanca Boat Club began.  I would be able to get out on the water again!  Never had any formal training, but am a willing crew member.

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