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CBYA Merchandise for Xmas?

Why not purchase some smart CBYA shirts and caps for gifts this Christmas?

They can now be easily purchased via the CBYA website and paid for using a debit/credit card!

Click in +INFO and then go to SHOP, or click

Please note that once you have ordered, and paid for, your merchandise it will become a back order until we reach the minimum order quantity of a total of ten (10) shirts of any kind and/or ten (10) caps of any colour. Once the minimum order quantity has been reached, we will place an order on our supplier.


Click HERE for the procedure

1. Click on the SHOP tab on the home page menu
2. Scroll to the product of interest
3. If you would like to make a purchase, log into your account.
4. Then select product style/size/colour
5. Make the payment.
6. Note that, as our supplier has minimum order quantities, this is a back order. We will place the order on our supplier once we have exceeded the minimum order size, and will contact you to confirm that the order has been placed and to provide an estimated delivery date.

  • Select item, number of units, colour and sizes.
  • Shirt colours have a two letter code (e.g., RB for Royal Blue).
  • Next firm order to be placed after we have back orders that meet the monimum order quantity.
  • Delivery 3 – 4 weeks after order date.
  • Free delivery to Calpe.
  • We will collect the merchandise from Calpe and email a notification to you. Please pick up purchases from us as soon as possible.

If you have nay difficulty you can contact me by clicking HERE.

Saskia Dormaar

  • CBYA Merchandise Co-ordinator



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