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Introducing the CBYA Public Relations Co-ordinator Copy


Tanya Bultje!

Tanya was quick to respond to our request for a CBYA member to volunteer to act as our Public Relations Co-ordinator. Thanks Tanya!

She will be helping to further promote our organisation by:

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Another Reminder that you can Find Us On FaceBook!


A Reminder that the CBYA has both a Closed Group, and a Community page, on Facebook

Find us at

All paid-up 2019 CBYA members can apply to join the group.

Members-only information will be posted on this page.

Please go to the CBYA members-only Facebook page to join by clicking HERE now!

For those who are interested, we also have a Community Page – see

Please don’t forget to get CBYA-branded!


The CBYA presents CBYA pennants to all members who are boat-owners, or certified skippers. The latter includes CBYA members who are approved by RCNC to skipper TOM 28 yachts. If you think that you qualify, and don’t yet have your pennant, please click HERE.

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CBYA Newsletter ‘Interest Groups’ Update


Interest Groups for the CBYA Newsletters

We now have the following interest groups options:-

All Skippers

All Subscribers/News

Cruising & Charter

Power/Motor Boats


Social Events


If you would like to receive less CBYA newsletters, you can edit your subscription to only sign up for newsletters that interest you, by clicking Edit your subscription at the bottom of every newsletter.

Note that if you click “Unsubscribe” you will no longer receive ANY newsletters.

Too many E-Mails? – remember to edit your subscription!


Are you receiving too many CBYA newsletters?

If so, remember that you can edit your newsletter subscription at any time to ensure that you only receive what interests you.

Just click on “Edit your subscription to specific lists…” at the bottom of any CBYA newsletter, and untick what you do not want to receive.

The Committee

May 2019

Take time and care over a potentially life-saving purchase!


Don’t pay the ultimate price for buying cheap!

The RYA report that a good quality lifejacket or buoyancy aid is one of the most important parts of your boating safety kit, so it’s worth putting in some research before buying a product that you may rely on to save your life. There are lifejackets and buoyancy aids of varying prices and effectiveness on the market, and increasing reports of products available online that aren’t up to scratch or haven’t been tested to European or International specifications.

Collectively lifejackets and buoyancy aids are referred to as Personal Floatation Devices or PFDs; choosing the right one is essential if it’s to be of any use in a life-threatening event. Though many think any PFD is going to hold them up in the water that may not be the case.

If you would like to learn more, click HERE

The Committee

April 2019

Carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in the UK from April 2019


Act now, as carbon monoxide alarms become mandatory in the UK in April 2019!

The RYA advise that from 1 April 2019 at least one carbon monoxide (CO) alarm becomes a mandatory requirement on nearly all private and non-private boats in scope of the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) requirements. read more →

Don’t Forget the CBYA Library!


Don’t forget that the CBYA has a library of nautical books that are available on loan to members!!

Here are the books that we currently hold:-

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Please update your CBYA Membership details


Now that we have a cohesive membership application and payment system, we need everyone’s assistance to ensure all the CBYA membership details are up to date. We therefore request your assistance by providing your current details using the secure update form at

The process is very easy and only takes a few moments.

  1. Click on the drop-down menu on “Please select your submission type” and select “Member Update”

  2. Complete the form on-line

  3. Submit!

You will automatically receive an e-mail with all of your current details in a pdf attachment. Please note that it is no longer necessary to print out and sign a hard copy of your submitted form.

BREXIT for Boats


Not long to go now to the BREXIT deadline of 29th March 2019!

If you are a boat owner, with a boat in EU waters, you may want to read this RYA article. Click HERE to open.

The Committee

March 2019