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Provisional Dates – CBYA 2018 Raft-ups!


The following provisional raft-up dates for Summer 2018 are now in the CBYA calendar:

            June 7                     TOMs Raft-up & Cruise           El Portet

            June 26                   General Raft-up                         Cala Sardinera

            July 10                     General Raft-up                         Portichol

            July 24                     General Raft-up                        El Portet

            August 7                  General Raft-up                        Cala Sardinera

            August 16                TOMs Raft up & Cruise          El Portet

            August 21                General Raft-up                        Portichol

            September 11         General Raft up                         Cala Sardinera

            October 2                General Raft-up                         Portichol

Please note that all dates are subject to the weather, and may be changed.

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New Range of CBYA Merchandise Now Available!


Good News!

Limited Time Offer!

We have found a new merchandise supplier who is willing to brand their range of merchandise with the CBYA logo, and sell to CBYA members at a special, discounted price.

They will accept orders directly from our members which means that the CBYA does not have to hold stock.

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Malicious Attack on CBYA Dinghy Section!


CBYA dinghy section suspended until further notice due to a malicious attack!

Those who turned up for Dinghy Day on Wednesday 9th May had an unpleasant surprise. All three dinghies had been holed, our inflatable safety boat had been slashed down both sides, and our latest replacement outboard had been stolen, despite being secured with a very strong chain, and being locked in our strongbox. There was no damage to any of the other boats on the El Portet beach, so obviously the objective was to put the CBYA Dinghy section out of action.


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Don’t Forget the Useful CBYA Nautical Information!!


Many people forget that the CBYA website has a load of useful information on all sorts of nautical issues.

Why not go to

Then scroll down below the weather chart to have a look now?

The Committee

March 2018

The 2018 CBYA Committee


Your new Committee was duly elected at the 2018 AGM on Monday 5th March.

To find out who we are click

The Committee

March 2018

2018 AGM Reports and Minutes


The CBYA 2018 AGM, took place at RCN Calpe on Monday 5th March. Click on the links below, and then click on the image, to enlarge and read the reports:

The New Committee

CBYA 2018 AGM Minutes

2017 CBYA Chairman’s Report

2017 CBYA Financial Report

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“Useful Links” – The CBYA Commercial Page


The CBYA policy is to use our website as a platform to bring interesting opportunities to the notice of our members.

The “Useful Links” page is the chosen interface. See

The organisations promoted on this page have either made a payment to be listed, or are offering some other significant benefit to the CBYA.

We hope that you will find this information useful.

The Committee

March 2018

Introducing the CBYA Raft-up Co-ordinator


Tim Fawle is our Raft Up Coordinator and last year took over from Gary Mudge, who had been handling this role for many years.

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Introducing the CBYA Powerboat Co-ordinator


It has been decided that the CBYA should better represent the interests of our motorboat-owning members. The Committee has therefore recently appointed our first Powerboat Co-ordinator. His name is Kiran Kapur.

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The CBYA Social Support Team!


From left to right: Julie Benneworth Sabine Olbrich.

These two ladies are helping the CBYA Social Secretary in planning and running CBYA social events.

They have already introduced some great new events, and will continue to do so this year.

Many thanks ladies – for your help and support!

The CBYA Committee

February 2018