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Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and ongoing state of lock-down in Spain and elsewhere, the CBYA Committee has agreed that it is not feasible to hold our Annual General Meeting, originally planned for 20th May at the Real Club Náutico Calpe.

Since the duration of the situation is uncertain and the safety of our members paramount, the Committee is making the following proposal and ask that members respond to this notice to approve these actions and to reply with any comments they wish to make.  Members are reminded that only those whose subscriptions are fully paid can approve, or otherwise, our intended course of action.


Given the extenuating circumstances, there will be no formal AGM for 2020.

Information will be made available on the website and by newsletter including

·        Member responses and comments on this proposal

·        A brief Chairman’s report on the main activities during the year

·        The audited accounts for the 2019 year

As a reminder, the Minutes of the 2019 AGM are available on the website at


The current Management Committee will remain in place for the coming year.  Ann Masson previously gave notice of stepping down, and Sue Eynstone-Hinkins put herself forward as a replacement Secretary.  The Committee have co-opted Sue to the position, and she will carry out the duties until a formal vote can take place at the next AGM.


Due to the pragmatics of managing the nominations and voting process for members to select a new choice of charities, it is proposed to continue with the current charities which are Make-A-Smile and IVSH Bomberos.


Please respond to me with your approval of the above proposal, or with any comments, by latest Monday 6 April 2020.

Ann Masson



2019 AGM Reports and Minutes


The CBYA 2019 Annual General Meeting, took place at Jávea Players’ Studio Theatre, Jávea, on Monday 4th March.

Only 35 members attended, with 26 staying for the meal.

Since we currently have a total full membership of 340 members, this turn-out was extremely poor! Just 10.3% of  the total. This was particularly disappointing given the amount of work expended by your Committee in preparing for, and running the meeting, and our decision to move the meeting to Jávea this year in the hope that we would get better attendance! We hope to see more of you at the 2020 AGM!

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Introducing the CBYA Library!


Did you know that the CBYA has a library of nautical books that are available on loan to members?

Here are the books that we currently hold:-

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2018 AGM Reports and Minutes


The CBYA 2018 AGM, took place at RCN Calpe on Monday 5th March. Click on the links below, and then click on the image, to enlarge and read the reports:

The New Committee

CBYA 2018 AGM Minutes

2017 CBYA Chairman’s Report

2017 CBYA Financial Report

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