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Introducing the CBYA Library!

Did you know that the CBYA has a library of nautical books that are available on loan to members?

Here are the books that we currently hold:-

CBYA Library

“An Introduction to Coastal Navigation – A seaman’s guide”

“Navigation Exercises for Yachtsmen”

“The Cruising Yachtsman’s Navigator” by Richard Simpkin

“Pilot book (2005) – Costas del Sol and Blanca”

“Boat Electrics” by John Watney

“The Marine Electrics Book” by Geoffery O’Connell

“The Shell Book of Seamanship” by John Russell (2 copies)

“Sailing School (A course in dinghy and small cruiser sailing)”

“Sailing Companion (A practical guide for Boat Owners)”

“How to Read Water” by Tristan Gooley

“Buying a Boat” by Colin Jarman

“Confessions (Yachtsmen own up to their sailing sins)”

“Sod’s Law of the Sea” by Bill Lucas and Andrew Spredding

“Courage at Sea” by Naomi James

“Maiden” by Tracey Edwards and Tim Madge

“Miranav” by Rosalind Miranda (a workbook of celestial navigation for yachtsmen)

These books can be borrowed for up to FOUR (4) weeks on payment of a return deposit (EUR 10)

If you are interested in borrowing a book, or have any good nautical books to donate to the CBYA, please contact Hugh Epsom by clicking HERE

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