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Costa Blanca, Spain
AGM (Demo)


In accordance with the Statutes of the Costa Blanca Yacht Association, notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on Wednesday March 20th 2024 at 11.00 in the Belliure Room at the Real Club Náutico Calpe, followed by an optional lunch. Members who are not present in Spain on this date will be able to take part via Zoom meeting.

Members are advised to register to attend the meeting. You can register by logging into the CBYA website:  and selecting EVENTS. Navigate to the 20th March and open the event, There you can click RSVP to let the secretary know that you are coming. If you want to attend the meeting online, please select the correct option in the RSVP. Only members who select to Attend the meeting online will receive the AGM Zoom conferencing link. You can also access the event through this link: HERE.

By clicking on the event, you also have the option to buy a ticket for the AGM lunch at Restaurant Marifach. Note you may only attend the lunch if you buy a ticket in advance. People who show up at the lunch without having purchased a ticket in advance will not be allowed to dine.

The procedures of the Meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Statutes pf the CBYA (available on request).  Members are reminded that only those whose subscriptions are fully paid at the time of the meeting will be entitled to join and vote at the AGM.  Voting on agenda items can be conducted on-line or in person at the AGM.


    1. Welcome by the Chairman.
    2. Apologies for absence.
    3. Approval of the Minutes of 2023 AGM (These have been posted on our website. In the interest of saving time, it will be assume that the Minutes have been read)
    4. Matters arising
    5. Presentation of the Financial Accounts for 2022.
    6. Approval of the Financial Accounts.
    7. Chairman’s Report
    8. 2023 Boating Report.
    9. 2023 Social Report.


    1. Announcement of the election results for committee position 2024
    2. Projection for the Year 2023 (Art.17f) and Fees for 2024.
    3. Strategic Plan for 2024.
    4. Social Programme for 2024.
    5. Nominated Charity report for 2024.
    6. Any other notified business (which must have been sent to the Secretary, in writing, at least SEVEN days before the meeting.)

If you just turn up at the meeting, you will need to prove that you are a member of the CBYA

The following are proposed for the Committee for 2024.  No re-elections under the 3‑year rule are required for those who have chosen to continue in their positions.

Chairman                   John Mackney – Agreed to continue
Treasurer                    Saira Mackney – Agreed to continue
Secretary                    Proposed: Saskia Dormaar

Vice chairman          Neil Robertson – standing down. Open for nomination
Social Secretary      Gwendoline Holiday – Agreed to continue
Social Secretary      Julie Benneworth – proposed by committee
Boating Officer       Cornelia Forster – proposed by committee

Any further nominations  must be received by 8th March 2024. The current co-opted social secretary, Julie Benneworth, who has performed this role for many years is proposed by the committee.

Members are encouraged to put forward any further nominations for vacant positions. These must be submitted to the secretary by 8th March 2024 and the nominees must confirm his/her willingness to be nominated.

Nomination for supported charities for 2024 are:

    • Make a Smile Nominated by the committee
    • Balcón al Mar Volunteer Firefighters Nominated by Rachel Garnham

Any nominations received will be circulated to the club members not later than 7 days prior to the meeting via the online ballot form

The members will have the opportunity to vote upon these committee proposals online .  If any member wishes to put their name forward for any of these positions, please reply within the mentioned time limit. Note, voting is via the online ballot only. There will be no voting at the AGM either in person or via zoom.

Each member will have one vote for each nominated position. Online voting will terminate 48 hrs. before the meeting.

Members who wish to promote ideas for improvement of the club, or who would like to see new activities within the club please notify the Secretary in advance, and your proposals will be heard at the AGM.

Members who wish to table questions to be asked at the AGM, must submit these in writing no later than 7 days prior to the AGM, which is 13th March 2024

The 2023 Financial Report can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Sue Eynstone-Hinkins

Secretary (acting)


Please send any correspondence to:


NOTE: The annual report and this 2024 AGM agenda are posted on the CBYA website

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Has the lunch been changed from the Calpe Club to the Marifach?
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