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Introducing the CBYA Roll of Honour!


During the early days of the CBYA, some of our founding members donated a number of Founders Cups to be presented to our members annually for  best achievement in various categories.

We have now uploaded a Roll of Honour to the Trophy Room page on our website to allow us to maintain a full record of all awards. To view, click HERE, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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CBYA Maurice Pilkington Award


The award of merit-long standing service to the club presented by Maurice Pilkington in 2013.

A working sextant – kindly mounted by Johny Tweedale.

CBYA Karlheinz Witte Award


Presented to the CBYA by member John Allison in 2018, in memory of our former Boating Officer, Karlheinz Witte, who tragically died. Award for who has achieved the most ON THE WATER in whatever boat (or boats), for the benefit of CBYA members, during the previous 12 months.

TOMs Ladder Award


TOMs Ladder – Overall First

CBYA Dinghy Award


Dinghy Award

CBYA Charity Presentation and 2019 Awards Dinner


The 2019 CBYA Awards presentation took place on Monday 24th February at the Restaurante A Bordo in the Club Náutico Jávea, and was attended by 56 members and guests.

At the start of the dinner, the CBYA presented donations of €1000 each to the two 2019 CBYA-supported charity organisations: Make-A-Smile and  the IVSH Balcón al Mar Voluntarios.

Previous CBYA charity donations can be seen at

Hugh Epsom presenting our donations to Tony Grande (Make-a-Smile), and to Terry Curran & Erich Brenner (IVSH Bomberos)

The CBYA awards were presented by Julie Benneworth and were awarded as follows:

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Mirador Challenge 2019 – 1st Place Leisure Section


Won by the CBYA Machos!!!

CBYA Machos Finally Win The Mirador Challenge!!


The CBYA teams did extremely well in the 2019 Mirador Challenge on Sunday 7 April.

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CBYA TOMs Challenge Trophy


Won by team ‘Bacalao’  2013

Won by team ‘Bacalao’  2014

Won by team ‘Bacalao’  2015

Won by team ‘Lubina’  2016

The ‘Mirador Challenge’ Team Trophy 2014


The 2014 Mirador Challenge Team :-

Tony Cabban – Gary Mudge – Michael Ballantyne – JH Ballantyne – Graham Hustler.