5 Clubs Regatta

SomVela Lower Licensia Federativa Cost for Rest of 2020


SomVela have lowered the prices of all competition licenses and sports cards to € 25 until December 31, 2020. Click HERE for details.

The Committee

11th September 2020

Vertical Headsail Camber – critical for faster boat speed!


Understanding headsail vertical camber is the modern headsail trimmer’s main tool for getting optimum speed and power out of the sail.

Headsail horizontal camber is always spoken about regarding how the sail needs to develop the right shape; but vertical camber is also critical to the performance of the sail.

If you want to learn how to sail your yacht faster, and benefit from the latest UK Sailmakers tip, click HERE

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer



How About Another Racing Rules Quiz?


If you think that you know your sailing racing rules, click HERE to complete another short quiz courtesy of UK Sailmakers.

Have Fun!

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer

S/Y Blade Enters the 34 Edición de la Regata de Invierno 200 millas a2


S/Y Blade took part in the 34th Winter Regatta Edition 200 miles a2 organised by Club Náutico Altea. It started on Friday 28th February, and ended on 1st March 2020. Crew onboard Blade were Barry McCrae and John Allison.

Details of the regatta and boats taking part can be found on the Club Náutico Altea website. Click HERE for details.

You can see John’s report on how we did by clicking HERE.

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The 2020 Licensia Federativa


The CBYA facilitates renewal of your Licensia Federativa at the start of each year.

Full details of the 2020 Licensia Federativa can be viewed by clicking HERE.

If anyone has any questions please contact Rachel Garnham by sending an e-mail to info@cbya.org

The Committee

January 2020


Super Last 5 Clubs CN Campomanes


We enjoyed a super last 5 Clubs Regatta at CN Campomanes on Saturday 7th December.


Class ORC-C Open:

CBYA members:

Skipper Barry McCrae – Blade 1st

Skipper Richard Jones – TrickyD 12th

Friends of the CBYA:

Class A

Skipper Carl Bal – Jeffertje II 3rd

Class B

Skipper Vlad – Chrono 10th

Class C

Skipper Gordon Ross  – Gordi 4th

Skipper Mick Roper  – Kristine 8th.

Tranquility before the start.

What a super 5 Clubs day!

Thank you to CN Campomanes for looking after us so well.

Almost perfect weather conditions for racing.

Topping this off with a 1st in the Open Class for the CBYA-crewed yacht Blade.

Barry and Karen McCrae receiving 1st prize ORC-C Open

TrickyD not only finished, but had a place! Well done to her crew.

Power sisters on Tricky D

That’s it for the 5 Clubs 2019. I look forward to seeing the 5 Clubs family in 2020.

Click HERE to enjoy a video of the event from the deck of Blade.

My best wishes and a Happy New Year!


5 Clubs RCN CALPE – Saturday 16th November.


5 Clubs – RCN CALPE – results:

Class C:

CBYA members

Skipper Barry McCrae Blade – 4th.

Skipper Richard Jones TrickyD – 10th.

Friends of CBYA

Class A:

Skipper Carl Bal Jeffertje – 4th

Class B:

Skipper Vlad Chrono – 5th

Class C:

Skipper Gordon Ross Gordi – 3rd

Thank you to RNC Calpe for organising the weather, racing and food.

Cheers to all the yachts and crews taking part.

Well done to the four TOMs crews from the CBYA, CN Jávea and CN Altea.

The icing on the the cake was when TrickyD crossed the finish line in time.

Thank you to my jubilant crew!

Last 5 Clubs race for this year is at Campomanes on Sunday 8th December.

Richard Jones

First TOMs Class Racing – 5 Clubs Regatta Calpe – 16th Nov 2019


The CBYA has entered TOM28 yachts into the 5 Clubs Regatta at Calpe on numerous occasions in the past, but due to the unfavourable TOM28 ORC rating, we have to race in the ORC-B class, and have never been able to compete against the bigger yachts. The best results have always been achieved in very light winds conditions with flat seas – we once managed to finish 5th!

Click HERE to see video from S/Y Blade. Look out for the TOM that tacked right in front of them at the start without even looking before the tack (not a CBYA boat)!!!

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Strong Winds for the Altea 5 Clubs Regatta!


Altea 5 Clubs – Sunday 20th October

The Altea 5 Clubs was a regatta of two halves for TrickyD. A downwind run to the Calpe fish farm, with TrickyD and her crew enjoying the 20 knot plus winds.

After rounding the fish farm, and sailing close-hauled on our homeward leg, we were hit by 35 knots of wind gusting to 45 knots.  After reefing down, we decided to retire.

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S/Y Blade in Calpe Formentera Regatta


S/Y Blade is once again taking part in the 2019 Calpe Formentera Regatta, otherwise known as the XXXI edición del Trofeo Peñón de Ifach.

This is a high profile regatta and attracts over 60 entrants.  It starts on Thursday 30th May at 10.00 am in the bay of Calpe and then heads off for the 64 Nm sail to the finish line in Formentera.

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