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Costa Blanca, Spain

We managed to get three TOMs out on the water on Saturday 28th October. First time that has happened for sometime!

The TOMs practise events are designed to improve our sailing experience, as well as to fine-tune general sailing skills, and provide the participants with a general understanding of racing and regattas. Normally, the first part of the morning is spent familiarising the crew with TOM boat handling and sailing. A racing course is then laid out and the different boats compete against each other.

This time the crews included:

TOM #1

Hugh Epsom (skipper)

Richard Pipkin

Mary McGrath

Simon Drake

TOM #5

John Mackney (skipper)

Mitch Yount

Connie Forster

(Simon Forster)

TOM #6

Paul Smithard (skipper)

Allen Bradley

Julio Hernández Diaz

Isaac Cisneroso

As forecast, we had a good breeze which freshened during our sail.

We set a race course to practise some racing, and managed to complete three races – two courses were twice around the marks, and the last was once around, due to lack of time, and the rising wind strength.

The first race was won by TOM #6, the second by TOM #1, and the last was a joint first for TOMs #5 and #6.

We all enjoyed an excellent practise session. Hope that we can repeat the session again soon.

Remember that you do not need to have any racing experience. Experienced sailors share their expertise with novices. This event is open to everyone who has been on a sailing boat before, and who has a basic understanding of sailing.

Why not come and join us for the next TOMs practise event?


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