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Costa Blanca, Spain

Members sailed together on the TOM 28s for the first time since June the year. It was planned to be a ladder event, but with only enough skippers and crew for 2 boats, that was replaced by race training.

The crews laid a start line and a windward mark and then practiced tacking, gybing and getting to the start line in good time. The two boats then matched raced the course 3 times, with John Mackney and his crew (Mitch Yount, Connie Forster and Ben Woodcock) winning 2 races and Paul Smithard and his crew (Chris Engels, Pedro Pastor and Saskia Dormaar) winning the other one. Both Connie and Ben, whom have recently been attending the Platú 25 training, really showed a marked improvement in their sailing confidence and remarked that it was great to put what they’d recently learned, into practice.

This is likely to become the norm for Saturdays going forward. If the TOMs ladder is not going to be supported anymore, then this is  the format we will be going with; getting as many boats as we can field,  and day racing rather than over a season.


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A great day out with enough wind to have fun, learn and hone our boat skills.

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