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Costa Blanca, Spain

Maiden Film Screening – a thoroughly enjoyable CBYA evening.

A thoroughly enjoyable CBYA evening took place on Friday 15th October at the Jávea Players Studio theatre,  – the screening of the “Maiden” film, followed by tapas at Restaurant Area 1 next door.

The film explains how Tracy Edwards, at the age of 27 years, led the first all-female crew challenge in the Whitbread Round the World Race, a gruelling yachting competition that covers 53,000 kilometres and lasts nine months.

The film had me enthralled. What a woman Tracy Edwards is! If the sight of the enormous waves doesn’t put you off, even contemplating doing something like this, looking at one shot with snow on the deck & hearing her talk about temperatures of -20° plus wind-chill factor will. But she did it! Her determination was inspiring!

Tapas after the film provided the pleasant company of several of the CBYA members. The evening only left me wondering why more of our members did not choose to attend. Maybe next time?

Rosalind Miranda



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