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Costa Blanca, Spain

The 2024 CBYA Awards presentation took place on Monday 19th February at the Restaurante A Bordo AT the Club Náutico Jávea, and was attended by 34 members

Awards were presented to members for their achievements in 2023 last night, at the 2024 awards event. The CBYA awards were presented by Saira Mackney, and were awarded as follows:

Regatta Cruising Award: Chris De Boer and Barry McCrae – S/Y Matador II.

Best CBYA cruiser racing results in local regattas. 2nd in class Trofeo Peñon de Ifach.

Regatta Team Award: Team of Platú no 5: Allen Bradley, Cornelia Forster, Mary McGrath, Richard Pipkin and Monique Neyzen.

1st in class, Platú, Trofeo Navidad, Altea

Cruising Award: Jenny Rawle

For exceptional extended worldwide cruising

Accepted on behalf  of Jenny by Rachel Garnham

Crewing Award: Allen Bradley 

For taking part in almost every type of event in 2023, becoming a TOMs skipper and organising the 5 Clubs CBYA entry in a Platú

TOMs Trophy: John Mackney

For attending the most number of TOMs events in 2023. No trophy was awarded because the we can’t find it!

Karlheinz Witte Trophy: Cornelia Forster 

For her outstanding work in organising all of the TOMs sailing, and most of the Platú sailing

Power Boat Award: Peter Bird. 

Once again for being our offshore rescue boat, and standing by for action, plus attempting to put together a powerboat raft-up

Well done to the Social Team – Julie Benneworth and Gwendoline Holliday – for arranging another great social event.

The Committee

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Congratulations to all!!

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