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Costa Blanca, Spain

We successfully completed the first of our current CBYA Celestial Navigation courses this week. Two more courses are currently planned. The second course will have to be postponed due to the Coronavirus lock-down in Spain.

It was attended by:

  • Robert Blackwell

  • Gary Illingworth

  • Chris Engels

  • Hugh Epsom

The free-of-charge course was run by Rosalind Miranda, and showed us how to successfully and simply calculate our noon position, line of position, and correct position, using only a sextant, a chronometer, a nautical almanac, and HO 249 (or the British equivalent). We achieved this by using Rosalind’s excellent, and simple-to-use, book “Miranav”.

I am pleased to report that we all passed!

Many thanks Rosalind!

Hugh Epsom

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Well done all concerned.

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