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Costa Blanca, Spain
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The competent crew students completed Day 7 (the final day) of the course this week; Heavy Weather Sailing.

We’ve been waiting for a good blow to test reefing under adverse conditions, and managing on a boat healing at 30°.

The crew did very well, taking turns to helm and experience weather helm, and calling for the main traveller to be eased. When one reef wasn’t enough, we put in a second. It was fun getting wet for those with foul weather gear, but not so much for those that forgot their trousers !

On the way back to Jávea, the wind dropped as we passed behind Cabo Sant Antoni, so we shook out the reefs, and then sailed onto a buoy for well earned tea and biscuits.

We will be starting the course again after Easter. Anyone who would like to learn the basics of practical sailing, and perhaps go on to take their Day Skipper Practical, should consider joining this course.

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