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The 2023 CBYA Charter – a Turkish Gület Yacht Cruise

Next summer, CBYA members will have an opportunity to charter a gület yacht on the Turkish Aegean Mediterranean coast. A gület is a traditional design, usually a two or three-masted, wooden sailing vessel also known as a Bodrum-type schooner.

Vessel shown is for illustration purposes only. Prices will vary depending on luxury (luxury or super luxury)

The cruise will be from Saturday 10th June 2023 to Saturday 17th June 2023.

Plus 2 days return travelling time. There are no direct flight from Spain. Travel will be from Alicante with a change of flight in London. Estimated flight time 6 hours plus connections. Check in time on the gület is 10:00am Saturday. Because of the time difference and flight duration, and to maximise the stay on the boat, we will fly on Friday and stay one night in a hotel in Bodrum.


The approximate cost will be €850/person (plus flights and food)

Estimated flight cost is €375 – €400 return.

Note: There are no single cabins on these boats. Anyone not willing to share a cabin will need to pay for a double cabin.

Food on board can be HB (breakfast and lunch) or FB (full board) priced accordingly

The overnight stay on Friday needs to be factored in (allow €55-75)

The gület is fully crewed. The crew will manage the yacht but allow guests to assist in the sailing and handling of the boat, if that’s what you would like. Alternatively, just lie back and let the crew take care of your every need – including the washing up!









Boats have a mix of accommodation. All will have one or two master cabins and a mix of double, twin and in some cases, triple cabins, dining above and below decks and plenty of room to soak up the Mediterranean sun.


Day 1. We will board the yacht in Bodrum, where an impressive medieval castle, built by the Knights of Rhodes, guards the entrance to its dazzling blue bay, and where the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas meet.






Day 2. In the early morning of the second day, we will depart for beautiful Mersincik Bay at the tip of the Gulf of Gokova. We will spend the day in this bay, a lovely area fronted by steep pine-covered slopes and pebble beaches. Woods and high mountains embrace the clear waters and seclusion of Mersincik, making it a favourite spot for anchorage.




Day 3. Kargi, Datca
Kargi: drop anchor and get a line ashore. There are a few restaurants and houses in the hamlet. The turquoise water is crystal clear, and it is a popular spot for divers.
Datca: a small fisherman’s town, where white-washed buildings, hung with bougainvillea, decorate the town. Around the marina, there are bars, cafes, and a wide selection of shops. Local eateries offer both fresh fish and classicTurkish cuisine. Cruising out of Datca, we will find unspoiled bays and golden sandy beaches.


Day 4. Gulf of Hisarönü: Orhaniye, Kizkumu, Oglan Island, Bencik – a delightful place due to its beautiful landscape, breathtaking views, and crystal blue sea. It is one of Turkey’s unique destinations. We will spend a fantastic day in this lovely environment exploring the Gulf of Hisarönü ‘s many gorgeous bays and anchorages. Most visitors love going ashore on Oglan, Orhaniye, and Kizkumu.




Day 5. Selimiye, Difermen Buku
Selimiye is a tranquil fishing community along a beautiful bay right off the coast of Turgutkoy and Orhaniye. It now features a new public quay and beach boardwalk, making it an ideal location for a walk and exploring the various restaurants and small stores strewn around the village.
Hisarönü Gulf, the largest bay, extends to the south of Zeytinli Ada between the points of Sazan Burnu and Inca Burun. The shores extending to the east are beautiful, with a line onshore, anchorage is possible.



Day 6. Knidos
The ruins of ancient Knidos, also known as Cnidos, are located on the very tip of Turkey’s Datca Peninsula. The city was built at the tip of this peninsula as well as on the neighbouring island, which was originally linked by a bridge or causeway but is now connected by an isthmus. This bridge created two natural sheltered harbours which are still in use today.





Day 7. Bodrum
The day starts with a leisurely cruise across the Gulf of Hisarönü towards Bodrum, overlooking a view of the turquoise seas of the Aegean to an anchor on the south side of the Bodrum peninsula. Enjoy your last day on the yacht by relaxing or visiting Bodrum town for shopping. Palmarina is a world-class marina, home to many designer shops and an amazing selection of cafes and restaurants





Please contact John Mackney if you would like to join us on this cruise by clicking HERE.

John Mackney
Boating Officer

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