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The 2023 CBYA Charter – a Turkish Gület Yacht Cruise

Next summer, CBYA members will have an opportunity to charter a gület yacht on the Turkish Aegean Mediterranean coast. A gület is a traditional design, usually a two or three-masted, wooden sailing vessel also known as a Bodrum-type schooner.

Vessel shown is for illustration purposes only. Prices will vary depending on luxury (luxury or super luxury)


The cruise will be from Göcek on Saturday 10th June 2023 and return to Göcek on  Saturday 17th June 2023. The cruising area will be the bay of Göcek; bays and islands. If guests would like to the yacht to travel further than this e.g. Marmaris then there will be an additional costs for fuel. The boats are called Hulyam 1 and Hulyam 2. You can see more details of the yachts on the brokers web site:   (search by boat name)


The approximate cost will be €850/person (plus flights and food)

Food: The cost of the food is payable in cash onboard and is approximately €45 per person per day. Meals taken ashore will be at your own expense. Beverages are not included.

Travel: It will be each person’s own responsibility to get themselves to Göcek, where we board the yachts, in good time on the first day. The nearest airport to the marina is Dalaman, which is a 20 minute taxi ride to Göcek. The CBYA will not arrange any flights. Note, here are no direct flight from Spain.

Note: There are no single cabins on these boats. Anyone not willing to share a cabin will need to pay for a double cabin.

Accommodation: Boats have a mix of accommodation. Each yacht can accommodate 10 people. All cabins are doubles with en-suite. To make is fair to everyone, all the cabins are the same price. Cabins will be allocated by drawing lots. There will be no option to reserve the master cabin or pay a supplements for a larger cabin.

Deposits: We are asking for a deposit of 500€ from each person. This money will be held in the CBYA account, until we have the required number of people to complete the booking. Only then will we commit and pay the deposits to the booking agent. If we do not get enough reservations then the charter can’t go ahead and everyone will get their deposit back. Once we have reached the critical number to commit, deposits will be frozen, and anyone who pulls out will be liable for the balance due (i.e. the full amount)

The gület is fully crewed. The crew will manage the yacht but allow guests to assist in the sailing and handling of the boat,






More details will follow,

Please contact John Mackney if you would like to join us on this cruise by clicking HERE.

John Mackney
Boating Officer

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