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Costa Blanca, Spain
peter and tanya
  1. Why did you join the CBYA?

Because we were interested in sailing on the Costa Blanca. We both enjoy sailing and wanted to meet other fellow sailors with the same passion – we were also looking for more opportunities to get out on the water with other people.

  1. What was a memorable first experience of the CBYA?

Meeting a whole load of CBYA members on the Mundo Marino big catamaran when we had booked a party of family members. We had a private birthday party with our family, and boarded the Mundo Marino. Not having heard of the CBYA, we met the CBYA group of passengers who were also on board, who entertained us with music. We also met our current Chairman, Hugh Epsom, who explained all about the CBYA. It was a memorable experience for us, and we were thrilled to have had the opportunity to find out about the Club, and we joined immediately.

  1. What was your role(s) and how did this change over the years?

Tanya was asked to be the Public Relations Coordinator in 2017, and Peter was requested to take on the challenge of Social Secretary in 2018. We were honoured to be asked to perform these roles. Tanya has now moved from PR person to Charter Co-ordinator for the CBYA.

  1. What achievement are you most proud of?

Becoming the pioneers and organisers of the CBYA’s first charter sailing holiday abroad, in Croatia 2018, with a follow-up Croatian cruise in 2019. A week cruising the Greek Cyclades Islands is planned for September 2021. The CBYA charter holiday is now a firm favourite in the CBYA calendar.

  1. Give us an amusing anecdote…???

Every day is an amusing time. Each time we are connected with fellow CBYA members, we share in laughter, fun times and enjoyment.  In our opinion, one amusing occasion occurred on our first yacht charter to Croatia. We were moored side by side in a tranquil little bay (Bobavisca Bay, Hvar, Croatia). We had awakened early, and Hugh and Gillian were also awake early. While all of us were sitting in the cockpit of our yachts, whilst the other members quietly slept down below, Hugh decided to go for an early morning swim. After Gillian reminded Hugh to be very quiet, as the other members were sleeping, Hugh proceeded to perform a HUGE bomb-drop into the water!! The morning wake up call to get up and enjoy the day!!

  1. What are your hopes for the future of CBYA?

That it continues to grow and flourish, and for more people spend time on the water, as well as more people to learn to experience various skill levels of sailing. More educational opportunities, and continuing friendships.

Many thanks Tanya & Peter – you have both made, and are continuing to make, great contributions to the growth of the CBYA. We hope to be able to benefit from your commitment and drive for a few more years!

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Very nice interview, keep up the enjoyment, fun and dedication!

Lovely interview. Super couple. I love them both xx

Lovely photos and great interview. Miss you all in Spain.

Interesting to hear how you became involved….didn’t realise Hugh was such a good recruiter!
Well done for your joint contributions to the CBYA we need more like you!
Thanks on behalf of all our members.

Thank you , an interesting & amusing interview. Long may you enjoy the CBYA and all who sail in her! We enjoy your contributions., gracias.

really like these interviews

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