Jul 23, 2015

Another Successful CBYA Regatta!


After what felt like weeks of not having free access to my computer, all Hugh’s hard work – aided and abetted by Rachel Garnham, Edo Volker and Richard Jones – came to fruition on 1st July 2015 when the fourth annual CBYA Regatta took place at the Real Club Náutico de Calpe.

Rachel gave a detailed briefing of the fun exercises and subsequent two races, with Pablo adding a few words, before we headed out to rig up the six TOMs. The skippers, in numerical boat order, were Rachel, Hugh, Edo, Karlheinz, Jenny and Roger [latter being a Calpe member] although Russian Rosti took the helm, and there was a total of 25 crew, mostly four per yacht, with 41 people attending in total.

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