The Autumn TOMs Ladder competition has started – with two series planned; one in October and one in November.

The first event was held on 4th October with 16 people attending; some were experienced skipper/racers, and some novices to make up the mix of crews for the five TOMs.

The day had perfect sailing conditions and was facilitated and well run by the RCNC team.

The usual “out and back” short course comprising of two laps was set and four races were completed inside of two hours followed by a customary lunch gathering and reflection on the races.

The second event was blessed with 22 participants, 6 TOMs, a flat sea and a light to strengthening breeze. All perfect !!

Thanks again to RCNC who provided all the boats in full working order, a start boat and a course. Four races were held back to back once again. The starts were close and VERY competitive; some boat contact and learning were involved at the committee boat end! All participants had great fun and a lot of experience was gained. As the Ladder progresses the sailing and racing standards are increasing continuously, making for closer competition. The debrief at lunch saw many smiling faces and lots of discussion about the race, not to mention the rules…

Click HERE for a table of the results as they stand.

Chris de Boer