During the Spring of 2018, a TOMs LADDER RACE SERIES took place. The race series was devised to increase participation, improve skills, develop racing skills, encourage everyone to have the opportunity to skipper (not just the CBYA skippers), employ different levels of experience and encourage team work. The following key aspects defined the series:
• Utilise the TOM one-design boats for competitive racing
• Maximise the number of boats on the water by limiting the crew number to a minimum of three
• Sail with white sails only to enable sailors with a wider range of experience level to compete. Beginners are spread between boats • For each race day, the (TOM) boat number, skipper and crews are randomly picked from a hat.
• Every participant accumulates individual points for each event and sails with a different skipper/crew each race day
• The scoring system is applied as follows:
1point for first, 2 points for second, etc… 6 points for DNS, DNF and 7 points for not racing
• RCNC provided the race officer, who laid the course on the day and recorded the results. A special thanks go to Pablo and his team!

The races started in late January and ended at the end of April. A total of 28 races were held; several days were cancelled due to weather or conflicting events such as the Optimist Nationals. On each race day 3 to 4 races were held, with crews rotating their role on each boat to enable experience helming and skippering a race. The series proved to be popular and saw up to 17 people and 5 boats participate, especially early in the series. As people started to return to their homelands the numbers reduced, something that will be taken in to account when planning future series.
A total number of 38 people participated, however only one, Richard Evett, took part in all of the races. The scoring system was not fully defined at the start of the series, but a proportion of discards was announced. For the final results from 28 races 66% count, or 19 races. Not only did Richard take part in all races, he was the clear winner with just 22 points. The runner up was Alan Mason with 38 points, followed up by Chris Engels with 46 points. The full table of results can be seen by clicking HERE.


Following the success and interest in the first series, a future series is being planned for the Autumn. Stand by!!
Pictures courtesy of Simon Heard. Thanks!

Chris de Boer