It was agreed at the last AGM on 6 March 2018,  that a joining fee of €10 per person will be reintroduced this year. This has now been put into effect.

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It wastes the Treasurer’s time and effort in having to chase up renewals, so we hope that the implementation of a joining fee will help discourage members from delaying their renewal, and then starting it up again at a later point when it suits them, at no extra cost.

New members joining for the first time from now onwards, will therefore have to pay €10 per person to join, in addition to the applicable annual subscription fee.

New members can join at any point during the year, and they will receive a renewal reminder on the anniversary of their joining date.

If any membership renewals are not paid within three months of the renewal date, the membership will lapse, and the joining fee will be charged if the member joins again at a later date.  The joining fee only applies to full members, and not to temporary members.

I hope that you will understand why we have taken this decision.

The Chairman

January 2019