The following provisional raft-up dates for Summer 2018 are now in the CBYA calendar:

            June 7                     TOMs Raft-up & Cruise           El Portet

            June 26                   General Raft-up                         Cala Sardinera

            July 10                     General Raft-up                         Portichol

            July 24                     General Raft-up                        El Portet

            August 7                  General Raft-up                        Cala Sardinera

            August 16                TOMs Raft up & Cruise          El Portet

            August 21                General Raft-up                        Portichol

            September 11         General Raft up                         Cala Sardinera

            October 2                General Raft-up                         Portichol

Please note that all dates are subject to the weather, and may be changed.

El Portet, Moraira, has been added as a location this year, as we would like to involve CBYA Calpe, and boats based further south, to participate. Motor boats will be required to accompany the TOMs on 7 June & 16 August, in order to provide safety cover.

To encourage increased participation in these events, we are planning various activities this year, which could include competitions, special rides, demos, catered meals, etc.

Note that it is up to the CBYA member boat owner to decide whether or not to participate, and who to invite as crew. If you would like to come along, please contact your favourite CBYA member boat owner!

Please make a note of these dates in your diary. We will contact all boat owners before each raft-up date to announce the specific details.

Tim Fawle (CBYA Raft-up Co-ordinator) and Kiran Kapur (Motor Boat Section Co-ordinator)