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 Safety is key to enjoyable powerboating on the water, whether you’re on a jet ski, RIB, motorboat or cabin cruiser.  Therefore experienced powerboat owners and those without boats who are qualified, or aspiring to qualify, in recreational powerboating are welcomed by the CBYA. As powerboating covers a wide range of engine driven craft and members have diverse boating backgrounds/interests, it’s more practical for the CBYA to organise powerboating related events (technical topics  or recreational  on the water) on an ad hoc basis in response to sufficient requests from members. All members are therefore invited to put their ideas/requests to the CBYA Powerboat Co-ordinator at powerboats@cbya.org The one regular exception to this is our schedule of raft-ups which are organised to coincide with the main powerboating season in the summer months and are open to all boat owner members


The CBYA also organises 5 or 6 social “Raft-ups” every summer. This is open to CBYA boat-owning members and involves both sailing & power boats. We usually meet at a pre-agreed offshore location between Javea & Moraira, which could be Cala Blanca, Sardine Bay or Tango Bay. The boat owners select their own crew/guests. Activities include swimming, eating & drinking. Usually an excellent day out!

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