An unfortunate consequence of BREXIT is that British sailing certification is currently no longer accepted in Spain, and in other EU states, for those who wish to sail Spanish-flagged (or other EU-flagged) boats.

This means that the CBYA are currently unable to run our normal monthly day charters from Náutica Corcho. It also affects any of our other members who have British sailing certification who own Spanish (or EU)-flagged/registered boats. Those with UK-flagged boats are not affected.

In addition, RYA training centres in Spain, and elsewhere in the EU, may have to temporarily discontinue their operations.  Go-n-Sail are currently considering moving from Ayemonte in Spain to Portugal.

Náutica Corcho, and other EU charter companies, are fully aware of this problem, and being anxious not to lose a big chunk of their summer charter business are now lobbying the appropriate authorities to find a quick resolution.

We understand that the Greek sailing authorities are still accepting RYA-issued International Certificate of Competence (ICC), so the CBYA  Greek charter cruise in September this year should not be affected.

More information (in Spanish) is available from ANEN (Asociación Nacional de Empresas Náuticas) by clicking HERE.

The Committee

March 2021