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  • Single Membership €25 | Couple Membership €35 | Family (includes 2 children 16 & under) Membership €35 | Plus €10 for each additional family member. Temporary Membership €10 per month
  • Note: A EUR10 joining fee applies for all new FULL MEMBERSHIP applications for applicants aged 18 years and older.
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  • * DISCLAIMER - Costa Blanca Yacht Association.
    All members must sign this disclaimer before taking part in any CBYA organised activities.

  • Como socio y asistente de las excursiones, actividades náuticas, recreativas y asociativas de la ASOCIACIÓN DE AMIGOS DEL YATE, COSTA BLANCA (Asociación Costa Blanca de Yachting) con mi aceptación de estos términos y condiciones, acepto bajo mi sola responsabilidad participar en tales actividades y cumplir las normas impuestas por las autoridades competentes, eximiendo de toda responsabilidad esa asociación que reconozco que desempeña una función meramente de coordinación y sin ánimo de lucro.

    Translation for guidance only:
    I, Mr/Mrs/Mr/Dr. ……………………, with Passport ………………………….. or NIE………………………., as a member and participant in the excursions, nautical, recreational and associated activities of the ASOCIACIÓN DE AMIGOS DEL YATE, (Costa Blanca Yacht Association) with my acceptance of these terms and conditions, I accept under my sole responsibility to participate in such activities and to comply with the rules and restrictions imposed by the competent authorities, discharging them from all responsibility. I recognize that the association performs a function of merely coordination and non-profit making and I exempt the association, which I recognise, from all responsibility.
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