LUBINA Wins the 2016 CBYA Challenge!

toms-1  toms-6toms-4

The annual CBYA Challenge took place at RCNC on Sunday 30 October. This is a special regatta where mixed teams of CBYA & RCNC TOM sailors compete in two teams named LUBINA and BACALAO.

The Challenge first took place in 2013 and was won by BACALAO in 2013, 2014 & 2015.

This year we had a special treat – brand new, virginal, gibs and spinnakers!


After the usual last minute drop-outs and no shows, the final crew list was announced by Pablo during the pre-race briefing. The crews and teams were:


(blue flag)


(red flag)

1 Suso 3 Rachel
Jenny Claudio
Donne Phil
Manfred Inne
5 Elsa 2 Edo
Nige Anita
Barbara Carl
Monika/Donne Richard
4 Jerry 6 Hugh
Ian Peter
Chris Ernst


Edo’s crew had a slight problem in the first race when their spinnaker halyard disappeared up to the top of the mast. Richard bravely volunteered to be hoisted up the mast to recover it at sea!

Galloway decided to have a little refreshing dip in the harbour on our return – not even waiting for us to moor the boat first!

TOM # 4 sailed with only three crew – giving them a slight advantage. However, with Jerry as skipper, they excelled wining both of the two races!


Position Race 1 Race 2
1 Jerry Jerry
2 Rachel Edo
3 Hugh Hugh
4 Elsa Suso
5 Edo Elsa
6 Suso Rachel


This year, after a hotly contested event, the winner was ………LUBINA (20.5 points)!!


BACALAO were runners up with 21 points.


Thanks to Phil & Christine Taylor, and Rachel, for the excellent BBQ.


Thanks also to Pablo and the RCNC for running the regatta.