The image above shows Nikki Dwyer, our current TOMs Organiser.

She took over from David Crabb in October 2018 and has quickly got to grips with the job.  Many thanks to David for volunteering for the role and performing it so well!

For those that don’t know, the CBYA TOMs Organiser is responsible for managing our day-to-day TOMs sailing. This includes the TOMs Ladder and Sail Training days. This covers:-

  • Controlling the daily TOMs sailing schedule,

  • Preparing and sending out the newsletter invitations,

  • Reviewing the replies,

  • Making sure that there are adequate RCNC-approved TOMS skippers, and competent crew, for each event,

  • Putting together the proposed crews,

  • Notifying RCNC as to how many boats are required,

  • Issuing the confirmations for each event.

The duties also include collecting feedback from the skippers after each CBYA TOMs event regarding the condition of the boats, and then sending a summary to RCNC each week. All CBYA TOMs skippers are requested to ensure that they carefully note any repair work that needs to be done on their boat, and then report the details to the TOMs Organiser by e-mail (on the same day as sailing if possible!). You can contact the TOMs Organiser by clicking HERE.

Many thanks,

The Committee

January 2019