Hello Virtual Sailors!

Rachel, Phil & I managed to get some good practice with the new Virtual Regatta software as we raced our boats from Lison to Alicante in the VOR Prologue Race. Rachel won, Hugh second & Phil third!

The main virtual race is now ready for you to set up your boats. You can purchase a full discount package for €4.49

Go to: http://www.virtualregatta.com/en/index_vroffshore.php

Help is at https://virtualregatta.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Don’t forget to set your yacht club to CBYA in your profile!

The first leg of the race starts on Sunday 22 October (Alicante to Lisbon) and your boats should be set up and ready to go before the start.

Click HERE to see a couple of well-know CBYA virtual sailors being interviewed by Phillippe Guigne (the Founder of the Virtual Regatta) at the VOR Alicante Race Village on Tuesday 17th October!

Good luck!

Hugh (aka Rubber Duck 1 & 2)