🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣It wasn’t a string…..!!!! And you deserved it….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This is the 6th year that Jim has arranged his “Bash” with Real Club Náutico Calpe, inviting CBYA members, and RCNC club members, to join his UK sailing friends, for two days’ of racing on the TOMs. Race courses for both days were different to the norm, and were made slightly more technical by using gates.

Day 1 – Saturday’s event comprised two teams  – Cherubs (Team Captain: Matthew Turnpenny UK ), and Ospreys (Team Captain: Rachel Granham CBYA). Each team consisted of three crews, and race results were accumulated to determine the winning team. Antonio, the new Sailing Director at Calpe, along with Mick Roper, administered the racing. Jim advised all at the briefing that infringement of the racing rules would be administered harshly. Unfortunately for most, and as experience suggests, many do not know the rules, and those that do, fail to follow them. Weather was ideal, four races took place, and surprise, surprise,… there were numerous infringements, particulary at the starts, and as Jim had warned, many disqualifications were awarded. Great discussions took place at the meal after the event, and after no quarter given, the “Ospreys” won, and Rachel as captain was awarded the trophy. A great day, and lots of fun.

Day 2 – Event comprised six crews, and trophies awarded to the winning crew. It was amazing how skippers appeared to now follow the rules, – no disqualifications, only one recall at a start, and very few penalties. Weather was great, but with light winds. We sailed four races, again with a different course. Kirsty Roper , who is now representing Spain on the Lasers in European and World championships in Canada in August, awarded the trophies. Winning skipper was Geoff Turnpenny, with crew comprising Angela Roper, Barry McCrae and Ian McKay, with some excellent sailing.

Unfortunately one crew appeared to feel that a piece of string attached to their rudder affected the performance of their TOM, and were not too pleased, …any old excuse…, and resorted to violence by boarding Jim’s TOM and assaulting him with a bucket of water when returning to the jetty. I think the above photo of the “string“, skipper, and crew concerned, will leave all to make their own judgement on performance.

A great two days, and a big thank you to Antonio, RCNC staff, Mick and Kirsty Roper, and Roger Buckle and of course to our CBYA colleagues for supporting the event. The UK boys are already looking forward to next year.

If you would like to watch “Jim’s Bash 2019 – The Movie”, click HERE!