Don’t forget that the CBYA has a library of nautical books that are available on loan to members!!

Here are the books that we currently hold:-

CBYA Library

“An Introduction to Coastal Navigation – A seaman’s guide”                                                          “The Glenans Manual of Sailing”

“Navigation Exercises for Yachtsmen”                                                                                                                         “The RNLI Handbook”

“The Cruising Yachtsman’s Navigator” by Richard Simpkin              “Yachtmaster – Examination Handbook with Exercises”

“Pilot book (2005) – Costas del Sol and Blanca”                                                            “The Complete Yachtmaster” – Tom Cunliffe

“Boat Electrics” by John Watney                                                                                                                          “High Performance Sailing”

“The Marine Electrics Book” by Geoffery O’Connell                                                          “Long Distance Cruising” – Bobby Schenk

“The Shell Book of Seamanship” by John Russell (2 copies)                                                “World’s Best Sailboats” – Ferenc Máté

“Sailing School (A course in dinghy and small cruiser sailing)”                                    “Only Wind and Wayer” – Michael Calvin

“Sailing Companion (A practical guide for Boat Owners)”                                             “Heavy Weather Sailing” – K Adlard Coles

“How to Read Water” by Tristan Gooley                                                                                        “Hand Reef and Steer” – Tom Cunliffe

“Buying a Boat” by Colin Jarman                                                                                                                                 “New Book of Sail Trim”

“Confessions (Yachtsmen own up to their sailing sins)”                                                            “How to Trim Sails” – Peter Schweer

“Sod’s Law of the Sea” by Bill Lucas and Andrew Spredding                                                                    “Using GPS” – Conrad Dixon

“Courage at Sea” by Naomi James    

                                                                                                                                                  “Yachtmaster Exercises” – Langley-Price & Ouvry

“Maiden” by Tracey Edwards and Tim Madge                                                           “Yacht Handling Under Sail” – David & Charles

“Miranav” by Rosalind Miranda (celestial navigation)                                                          “Coastal Navigation” – David & Charles

“VHF Radio (inc GMDSS)” – RYA

                                                                                                                                             “An Introduction to Radar” – RYA

“Motor Cruising” – RYA – Simon Jinks                                                                 “Rules of the Road” – John Mellor

“Weather At Sea” – David Houghton                                                        “Marine VHF Operation” – Michael Gale

“RYA Practice Navigation Tables for Yachtsman”

                                                                                                                       “Admiralty Chart 1828 – Dover to N. Ireland”

“Admiralty Chart 2451 – Newhaven to Calais”

These books can be borrowed for up to FOUR (4) weeks on payment of a return deposit (EUR 10)

If you are interested in borrowing a book, or have any good nautical books to donate to the CBYA, please contact Rosalind Miranda by clicking HERE

He would love to hear from someone!!

The Committee

October 2019