The GP14 is located on the left corner of the “El Portet” Beach, it is the only boat with a light blue cockpit. The jib and main sail, along with the main sheet, rudder and life jackets are inside a grey box located against the wall.

The box has a lock with combination on it, this information should be available to you once you book your sail.

How to do it:

Preparing the jib

The blue halyard is used for the jib, and you will find it fixed on the mast.
Simply fix the head of the sail to the halyard (cleat or bow line) and the foot to the stay.
Then fix the luff of the sail to the stay as shown below:Jib Sail Rigging
Jib Halyard

The jib sheets are yellow and should be already on the sail, they go inside the shrouds into the stopers, finalizing with a figure 8 knot.

Gib Sheets Stopper


Preparing the Main


Fix the main foot inside the boom, fix the main tack, clew and halyard (white).
Once you’ve done that, you can adjust the outhaul and the bang / kicker with some knots of your preferences.
Last thing will be to clip the aft-main sheet system to the back of the boom and the traveler.



Fix the rudder below the traveler, and get ready to go!