The CBYA has negotiated some discounts with various suppliers – an example is our agreement with the Accastillage Diffusion Chandlery in Dénia. Click HERE for details. We plan to negotiate additional benefits for CBYA members in the future.

So how can you prove that you are a paid-up CBYA member in order to take advantage of these discounts?

We have issued CBYA membership cards in the past – like last year’s membership card shown above. However, this proved to be too difficult to manage, so we now have a new system….

The new system requires you to print out a copy of your paid-up invoice. Click HERE for an example.

“HOW DO I DO THAT?????” – not too difficult….

You will receive an invoice message. Click HERE for an example.

Just follow the links in the message a few days after making your payment on-line, and you will be able to download and print the paid-up invoice.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Sue Bell