Come and join the CBYA team to see if we can win the 2020 Virtual Regatta Vendée Globe!

Details of this iconic round-the-world sailing race can be seen at

The official Vendée Globe website is at

The race starts on 8th November at 12.00 pm

The course is 40,075 kilometers (21,638 miles): that is the circumference of the Earth and the distance of reference around the world. A revolution was accomplished in 74 days and 3 hours during the last edition of the Vendée Globe.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to stay up all night sailing your yacht because Virtual Regatta has some clever software that allows to check the weather ahead, plot a course, set way points, and automatically change your sails!

Click HERE to register and enter your yacht. You can personalise your yacht, and buy all the clever stuff that you need for the whole race (with a 40% discount) for €30!!

Once you have registered you can join the CBYA VR Offshore Whatsapp group to share tips on how the team can beat the competition! Click HERE to contact Dave Reid, who will add you to the group. He will just need your Whatsapp number.

If you have never tried virtual sailing before, here is your chance to learn from the experts!

Rachel Garnham

Training Officer