With clear skies and calm seas, the  CBYA started our first raft-up of the summer at Cala Sardinera, which attracted 5 boats, including sailing yacht Feels Great, with Ron Shanson and his crew.

Each boat was issued with a green net so that during the summer they can collect any floating plastic that they see on the water. At the end of the summer we will see who has collected the most debris, and it will be interesting to measure just how much is collected by each raft-up participant.

The water was still a little cool for snorkelling with only a few swimmers taking to the water. On our next raft-up at Portichol on July 10, we will be actively checking the waters to identify as many fish species as possible.

In addition to these ecological activities, everyone had a very sociable time enjoying picnics, wine and beer on board each boat.

We look forward to the next raft-up at Portichol on July 10.

Tim Fawle

CBYA Raft-up Co-ordinator