CBYA Cruise 2018: Formentera


A week’s CBYA cruise on Tricky D was a resounding success, with founding and new CBYA members enjoying a week’s sailing around Formentera.

Richard Jones offered CBYA members a week’s cruise to the islands. Four crew signed up: Brenda Bates, Jim Cooper, Jurgen Jeebe, and Amanda Topson. Thanks to the patience of our skipper and his first mate, also a qualified skipper, it was a great opportunity for less experienced members to improve their sailing skills, gain confidence and knowledge of the area.

Avoiding busy and often costly marinas we anchored in several quiet bays, going ashore in the tender or canoe   or swimming in the turquoise, crystal clear waters.  A first was a walk to the Salinas, behind the long white beach of Espalmador where some brave crew covered themselves in the health-giving mud, smelling like bad eggs until they washed it off back in the sea. Fortunately, we did not encounter the Great White Shark spotted off Cabrera that week!

‘Many sincere thanks to Captain Richard for everything he did preparing and managing all the details of our sailing week. It was interesting and enjoyable in every way.  Happy days, good memories.’     

We have such beautiful islands, only a day sail away, offering a great variety of options for cruising and stopovers.  It is hoped that a flotilla of yachts owned by CBYA members, or chartered by CBYA members, will plan a similar trip next year.

Amanda & Brenda