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The CBYA has negotiated a special agreement

The CBYA has negotiated a special agreement with a yacht charter agency in Dénia, to charter yachts at a very special rate during the low season.

We usually offer the opportunity to join a CBYA charter Day Cruise on the last days of each month. Longer charters are also available. These include one week charters to the Balearic Islands.

Please note that in order to charter and to sail these yachts, you need a correctly licensed skipper (Day Skipper/Yacht Master Coastal/Offshore) and at least one – preferably two – experienced crew member(s). Provided there is adequate sailing experience on board, you can bring your wife/partner/family with you, to make up the crew. The maximum number on board, will depend on the size of boat/number of cabins.

Places will be allocated on a “first come, first enter basis”. The price will depend on which yachts are available. The skipper and crew will make the final selection on which yacht to charter. A typical offer, would be for a 13-metre yacht – good for crew of up to six – for €250 to 300/day (shared equally).

You must be a full paid-up member of the CBYA and sign a special crew agreement in order to take advantage of this agreement.

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