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2020 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – PROPOSAL APPROVED! TO DATE WE HAVE RECEIVED EIGHTY THREE (83) RESPONSES – ALL APPROVING THE COMMITTEE PROPOSALS, WITH NO DISSENSIONS. THIS REPRESENTS OVER TWENTY FIVE PER CENT (25%) OF OUR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP, SO WE CONSIDER THE PROPOSALS APPROVED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! The 2020 CBYA AGM proposals response list can be viewed by clicking HERE. The 2019 Chairman’s Report can be viewed by clicking HERE The 2019 Audited CBYA financial accounts can be viewed by clicking HERE NOTICE Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and ongoing state of lock-down in Spain and elsewhere, […]

2019 AGM Reports and Minutes

The CBYA 2019 Annual General Meeting, took place at Jávea Players’ Studio Theatre, Jávea, on Monday 4th March. Only 35 members attended, with 26 staying for the meal. Since we currently have a total full membership of 340 members, this turn-out was extremely poor! Just 10.3% of  the total. This was particularly disappointing given the amount of work expended by your Committee in preparing for, and running the meeting, and our decision to move the meeting to Jávea this year in the hope that we would get better attendance! We hope to see more of you at the 2020 AGM!

Introducing the CBYA Library!

Did you know that the CBYA has a library of nautical books that are available on loan to members? Here are the books that we currently hold:-