After being postponed from the original planned date of Sunday 1st November due to the forecast for bad weather, the CBYA annual challenge to the Real Club Náutico de Calpe (RCNC), to compete for the CBYA TOMs’ Challenge Trophy, took place in Calpe on Sunday 15th November 2015, with seven (7) mixed RCNC-CBYA crews competing against each other in two teams, as in previous years, named LUBINA and BACALAO. The crews were mixed with both CBYA and RCNC sailors, to ensure that each crew was reasonably evenly matched. Four races were run over a short twice round, windward-leeward course. Since there are only six (6) TOMs at Calpe, and we had seven crews, team Lubina changed a crew after each race, whilst the Bacalao crews remained unchanged.

Despite some last minute crew substitutions before the race, due to some RCNC no-shows, we again managed to get all six boats out on time for the start. The winds were ideal for the event, allowing us to enjoy some excellent TOM sailing conditions.



Lubina 1: Manolo Gallego/Kevin Moss/Gordon/Philip Bethel

Lubina 2: Rachel Garnham/Elsa Schleissner/Fernando Moneta/Jenny Rawle

Lubina 3: Karlheinz Witte/Hans Sleutjes/Barry McCrae/John Sutton

Lubina 4: Hugh Epsom/Alex Burtinovic/David Crabb/Sven Stadel

Bacalao 1: Suso del Toro/Jim Mack/Joaquin Solivelles/Ian McKay

Bacalao 2: John Allison/Carl Bal/Dave Reid/Inne Bal

Bacalao 3: Cheli/Manfred/Monika/Ian Bullough

Bacalao dominated the first race. However Lubina fought back in the second race due to great sailing by Rachel on L2, and some excellent helming by Sven on L4. After these 2 races both Bacalao and Lubina had 21 points each. However, whilst battling with a broken port winch, Hugh lost his balance and went overboard in the next race, resulting in the third race being lost to Bacalao. The last race was close, but not close enough!

For a third year running, the triumphant team was BACALAO, winning by 4 points on the accumulated point total. Final results:-