CBYA Marine Radios and Sailing Bubbles



Three (3) CBYA marine VHF radios where handed over to RCNC on Thursday 4th May, together with a usage register and instruction manual. They will be kept on charge in Antonio´s office and will be available for use by all RCNC-approved CBYA TOMs skippers when sailing the TOMs during CBYA events.

Click HERE for more details.

A training session will be arranged prior to the next TOMs Ladder, or other major CBYA TOMs event.


In order to encourage our members to return to TOMs sailing as COVID health restrictions ease, we are introducing “TOMs Bubbles”. The concept is that approved TOMs skippers put together a crew of four (4) in whose company they are comfortable to sail, in order to sign up for future sail training and events. The TOMs Organiser will then ensure that only those in the specified “bubble”  sail together on the same TOM. All other previously announced social distancing requirements will remain in effect. See future TOMs sailing invitations for more details.

Amanda Topson

TOMs Co-ordinator and Organiser


CBYA Marine VHF Radios


The CBYA has recently purchased five (5) Standard Horizon HX300E floating marine VHF radios for CBYA use on the TOMs, and for our monthly day charters. Instructions for their use will be issued in the near future. Click HERE for a video introducing this product.

This acquisition should further enhance the safety of CBYA sailing.

The Committee

January 2021

Sailing TOMs Safely


As a direct result of the increased number of  CBYA TOMs sailing accidents over the last couple of years, the CBYA Committee has decided to introduce clear rules and guidelines for all CBYA TOMs skippers and crew.  Click the link below for details:

CBYA TOMs – Safety Briefing Guidelines and Rules_October 2020

We have also prepared details of a recommended CBYA TOMs skipper kit, which we hope all active CBYA TOMs skippers will invest in.  Click the link below for details:

TOMs Skipper Kit_291020

Please help us to make the CBYA TOMs sailing activities safer, and more fun, by following these guidelines and rules.

Thank you,

Amanda Topson

CBYA TOMs Co-ordinator

How to dispose of out-of-date safety flares in Spain


The Real Club Náutico Calpe (RCNC) have advised that, in Spain, the seller of flares is responsible for safely disposing of them but most of them do not do it because the Spanish legislation is not very clear. However, there are some marinas and clubs that provide this service.

The Salvamiento Maritimo advise that the purchaser of the product at the time of expiration date is responsible for ensuring that the supplier of the flares (manufacturer, importer or distributor) collects the expired products from the end consumer for correct disposal. They also state that the provisions of Annex V of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (Marpol Convention) must be followed.

We are reliably informed that fire stations (Bomberos) accept them, but this is not confirmed.
For UK-based yachts, see the RYA guidelines on this subject by clicking HERE
Samir Chami
CBYA Safety Officer