Simply out sailed – out classed. But what a fun event. Our team of ‘weekend warriors’ weren’t at all phased to be mixing it with some of the world’s best sailors, but afraid we didn’t do well. Not making any excuses as we made a few mistakes, but with the ORC rating we were placed in Division 1 where our competitors were typically 40′ or more, meant it was tough mixing it with them over such short courses.

We particularly found it challenging to find clear air as all the races had six divisions starting in sequence, and even the Swan 50 and IRC classes all sailed down through our bit of water. Busy. But awesome sights some of them, fully powered up and doing 10+ upwind and a lot more down.

But no excuses as in our fleet we were simply out sailed by better sailors. Our competitors did take it a bit more seriously than we did, and the margin for errors in seven miles is not great. In every race we struggled to even be the second or third from last to finish, best result being 7 from 11. So no prizes for us this time round.

However we’ve absolutely no complaints. Brilliant event with great company, and whilst we didn’t make the podium, there were multiple videos of Jumbuck being run and rerun on the big screens.

I think we all enjoyed the racing and the socials put on by RCNP. All so well organised and heaving. Learnt a couple of new tricks to apply (ah ha – even such an old dog), and we know can certainly do better on the water as a result of coming over to Mallorca and taking part.

And with that new headsail going to give us more speed, a better handicap, and easier trimming – it’s finally agreed (thanks Sue) and now ordered for production by Norths – delivery ASAP.

Well done team for a great time both on the water, on the Club terrace, around the bars and restaurants, and in our crew quarters. Big thanks go to Sue, Kevin, Edo, Marian, Eric and Laurent. A super mob who did a top job. We’ve all learnt lots – it’s

On. On.



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