Cruising on the Costa Blanca

If you like to enjoy a relaxed day, or more, the CBYA members have the opportunity to cruise on a yacht, instead of racing. This is provided under the CBYA-organised monthly day charters which take place on every fourth week – alternating a Monday or a Tuesday – from Dénia. Occasionally the CBYA will also announce 2 days-trips, one week long trips and training sessions on a yacht. These cruising allow you to enjoy a pleasant day of sailing, together with your family or friends, along the beautiful coast of Costa Blanca. All of this depends on the CBYA to nominate a licensed skipper for the trip and at least one more experienced sailor within the crew.

The day will start by meeting in the marina of Dénia at 10:00h, checking out the yacht and signing the crew agreement (as shown below). After enjoying a day of sailing, we will be back round about 17:00h, returning the yacht by latest 18:00h. Should weather not permit us to sail, or may be uncomfortable enough to not enjoy the trip, we will request a change to the booking date – which may be one day earlier or later. So be prepared for a possible date change. In any case, information will be sent as soon as the weather can be reasonably forecast.

The CBYA has an agreement with a local charter company which allows us to charter a Sun Odyssey 37ft, or 39ft, depending on the quantity of crew members. This offer is valid exclusively out of season, so only for October to May inclusive. You should consider a contribution of 50,00€/pers.

To arrange the CBYA-organised trips and allow time to request boat(s), check available of licensed skippers and assign crews, confirmation is required by the latest date as indicated in the invitation. Even though some people may have already advised that they want to sail on the day, they must still respond to the invitation e-mail as this represents a commitment to sail (& pay) and keeps all the replies and organisation clearly in the week before sailing takes place. When confirming, please advise the following information:

– Full name

– Sailing experience

– Indication of desired skipper/crew members (if essential).

Nevertheless the CBYA retains authority to assign more crew members if appropriate.

Besides the CBYA-organised trips, you have the opportunity to charter a yacht on your own within the CBYA conditions or to enter the CBYA-chartered yacht with your own crew. To arrange requests such as these contact the CBYA via the CBYA webpage including some details regarding the preferred date, type of yacht, number of days, etc.). CBYA will contact the yacht charter company, or the CBYA skipper, to request availability and inform you.  If you want to act as skipper you are asked to inform us at the time of your request:

  • your sailing licence (what kind, what organisation, level) and
  • brief description of your sailing experience

Your request gives authority to the CBYA to pass your details to the yacht charter company.

If of interest, a basic introduction to sailing a yacht can also be arranged with your skipper.

Concerning the CBYA-organised trips, if more places are requested than available – they will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis’, subject to balancing the crew. We will advise as soon as we have the yacht charter confirmation. Requested payment has to be made within 2 days following the confirmation, to the account as detailed below:

Banco Sabadell

IBAN: ES31 0081 0674 6300 0214 1124


Including your name and purpose – CBYA Charter (relevant month)

Otherwise your request will be cancelled.

Once sailors have been confirmed, the nominated skipper will contact the crew to coordinate the trip. This excludes the charter payment and preparation of the crew arrangement document, which will be handled by the CBYA.

Some Useful Information Before You Board a Yacht (by Karlheinz Witte) 

To cover all kinds of charter you will receive required information as:

  • what will be the amount of participation and how to transfer
  • how to deposit the guarantee
  • where and when to meet

Remember you will need:

  • a licensed skipper (if not provided by CBYA); holding a national sailing certificate, required for the area the yacht is to sail (an ICC is not obligatory) for day trips it might be sufficient a license which authorises the holder to be in charge of a sailing yacht in coastal waters
  • a minimum of one more experienced sailor in the crew
  • some non-marking, non-slip shoes with a soft sole, preferably with a light colour
  • suitable clothing for the expected weather conditions, bearing in mind that a lightweight jacket may be required for the wind chill
  • a snack, depending on what has been agreed with the skipper and the rest of the crew, bring some nibbles, snacks or a picnic; also beverages – water and/or soft drinks for the sail and some “after-sail drinks”

Some more information:

  • life jackets are provided on board and must be worn by order of the nominated skipper
  • if not already done, you must also sign a CBYA ‘Disclaimer Form’ before taking part in any CBYA organised event

Happy sailing!