Costa Blanca, Spain

Exciting Sail Training Day on the TOMs

We had a good training sail on Saturday 11th February. Crew was Karen Gardner, Monique Neyzen, Mitch Yount, and Hugh Epsom.

Karen acted as skipper, as part of her skipper training, in somewhat difficult sailing conditions. Sunny, with a reasonable swell, and lots of strong gusts, with the wind direction changing fast.

Mitch showed his extensive sailing experience.

Monique acted as our Onboard Reporter (OBR), and took the above excellent photos!

We had a problem on returning to the marina. We were unable to sail in using only the gib, due to the difficult wind direction. So we went back out to sea and hoisted the main. The black plastic mainsail feed broke on dropping the main inside the inner harbour, and prevented the drop. Luckily, we managed to avoid hitting any of the moored boats in the strong crosswind, and Jordi came to our assistance in the inflatable, and pushed us back into our mooring slot! Thanks Jordi!

Another fun day out on the TOMs!

Hugh Epsom

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Sounded great, if challenging, day on the water. Pleased for you all. Long live the TOMS section !

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